Path holes, uneven and overgrown weeds

  • Location: Near Balgriffin Park, Hole in the Wall Road
  • Date: Dec 2 2021
  • Time: 16:10
  • Description:
    Balgriffin Park, Hole in the Wall Road. Bottom of the road by the apartments I was walking home from school today with my 4 year old daughter. The path is so uneven with holes and overgrown weeds that she fell down one of the holes whilst on her scooter and went flying. SheÂ’s not normally one to cry but she really broke her heart so I know sheÂ’d hurt herself and could tell from the thud. Myself and my partner have reported this many times and nothing has been done. IÂ’m tired of walking on the road with my daughter to school because the path isnÂ’t wide enough for both of us, or having to carry her and her scooter down the road because sheÂ’s fallen again or slid and frightened herself because of the state of the path. Please, please, please can someone finally fix this! The path at the bottom on the side of the apartments is lovely and new and wide why canÂ’t someone please just fix the other side for us!! -- posted via mobile web