About Us

“fixyourstreet.ie” is a service launched on 2nd of August, 2011 whereby you can report issues to your local Council.  fixyourstreet.ie consists of a publicly accessible web site with associated mobile technologies on which non emergency issues such as graffiti, road defects, issues with street lighting, water leaks/drainage issues, and litter or illegal dumping can be reported.

As promised in the programme for government, issues raised on “fixyourstreet.ie” will be responded to within 2 working days.  The response available through the website will always be given by an official of the relevant Council.

Legal Notices

By using the website fixyourstreet.ie or any related application or service, you are consenting to the site's use of cookies and agree to the provisions and content of the site's disclaimer. More information about how we use cookies can be found later on this page and you can access the site's disclaimer from the navigation bar near the top of the page. Please contact hello@fixyourstreet.ie should you have any queries.

Who is fixyourstreet?

fixyourstreet.ie is operated on behalf of all local authorities in Ireland, by South Dublin County Council.

What areas are covered?

As of 1st of January 2013, you can report issues for the attention of any Irish local authority.

Is the site available through the Irish language?

Yes, fixyourstreet has a full Irish language implementation available at  www.deisighdoshraid.ie 

What is the ‘beta’ tag on the site?

Because fixyourstreet continues to develop, the site and associated services are being placed at a ‘beta’ status. The functionality offered may change or develop further to meet the aspirations of the service delivery.

Is there an app?

Yes. Currently we support the Android mobile phone platform, and you'll find it in the google play store.

There is an iPhone version coming real soon so please hang in there.  The web site itself www.fixyourstreet.ie is mobile enabled which gives a simple interface for viewing and reporting issues through the mobile phone web browser.

How can I get the app?

- Follow this link on your Android mobile phone to download and install the fix your street app,
- Search the google play store for "fix your street ireland" and install from there, or
- Scan the QR code below to bring you to the app in the google play store.


Privacy / Data Protection / Open Data / Open Source

fixyourstreet.ie is built on open source technology and facilitates openness and transparency by keeping each issue reported through fixyourstreet.ie and its progress in the public domain and available to anyone through the website and mobile interfaces.

As the service is open - dealing only with non personal reports, third parties will be free to analyse and interact with the service and information reported on the system. For those technically minded, an API (application programming interface) is available to interact with the service in a structured manner.

Data Protection

South Dublin County Council is the data controller in respect of fixyourstreet.ie as per the provisions of data protection acts 1988 and 2003.

Providing personal data to fixyourstreet.ie is always optional. Where personal data is provided by the user in the form of first name, last name, and email address, the purpose of collecting such personal data is a) to notify you (by email) when a Local Authority/Council/or the Fix Your Street operators update your report on the fixyourstreet.ie website, and b) to provide said data to a Local Authority/Council on request for the purpose of making contact with you directly should it be required.

fixyourstreet.ie is operated by South Dublin County Council on behalf of the local authorities (Councils) of Ireland. Should you provide personal data to fixyourstreet.ie, it may be shared with a local authority as detailed below in the section entitled 'your personal data'

You have a right of access to your personal data which may be held on fixyourstreet.ie, and the right to rectify such data in the unlikely event of such data being inaccurate or processed unfairly.

Your Personal Data

(a) On Fix Your Street Reports which are added -

Fix your street does not require you or any third party on your behalf to provide any personal data in order to report issues for a Council's attention. Should personal data of any kind be included with the report detail (description), it will be removed from the report and generally sent under separate cover to the relevant local authority for their information. The report is then published as normal on the fix your street website.

If you choose to provide your name and email address or if a third party service provides your name and email address on your behalf, you can expect that the fix your street service will contact you at the email address which has been submitted in order to let you know when an official response from a Council has been added. This is core to the service offering on fix your street. Should you not wish to receive further notifications on this report you can simply reply to the notification email which you receive requesting that your email address be removed from the report. In order for the relevant Council to contact you should they need to, an email address which is provided to the fix your street service is also made available to the Council who will be responsible for resolving the issue which you will have raised.

Your name and email address submitted with a report is never published on the fixyourstreet website.

(b) On Comments which you may add.

Relevant commenting on fix your street reports is welcome by any web user and it can be really helpful to receive feedback as to when your report has been dealt with, or to engage further on a particular issue with the Council concerned. In submitting a comment you are required to provide your name and an email address.

The name which is given when submitting the comment is published along with the comment but your email is never published to the web site. In order for the relevant Council to contact you should they need to, an email address which is provided to the fix your street service may also be made available to the Council who will be responsible for resolving the issue which you will have raised. While both fields are required in order to comment they need not be accurate if you wish to maintain anonymity however please note there may be no way for the relevant Council to make contact with you should you not provide accurate contact details.

Retention of Personal Data

In so far as the fixyourstreet.ie website is concerned, your personal data (if present and as described above) is in the normal course of events retained on fixyourstreet.ie for a period of not more than 36 months from the time when it is first presented to the service. It is held for this length of time in order to deal with the initial matter which you have raised, any subsequent resolution of the issue, and for the general execution of the functions as described on or reasonably expected from the fixyourstreet.ie site (email updates for you, presentation of contact data to Councils, etc.).

At a point prior to the end of 36 months from when your personal data has been received and unless otherwise notified, the operators of the fixyourstreet.ie website, South Dublin County Council, will remove your personal data (first name, last name, and email address as supplied) as a matter of course from any reports received within that time period. The reports themselves being non personal will remain on the website in perpetuity.

Can I request the removal of my personal data outside of the period of retention decribed above?

Yes. Please make contact using the 'contact us' section of the website.

You will need to provide your first name, last name, and email address which you expect is recorded on fixyourstreet.ie. If deemed necessary, further proof of identification may be sought to verify your request. If this is the case, then you will be contacted regarding same. Such requests will be acceded to as soon as possible but in any event we will strive to complete the request within 5 working days.

Access by an individual to their personal data

You have a right of access established under the Data Protection Acts (1988 and 2003). Should you wish to access your personal data under the provisions of the Acts you can expect to receive a copy of the data which is being stored by fixyourstreet.ie. You will be advised as to the categories of your data and the purposes of processing it. You will also be told the identity of those who have access to your personal data. Any information as to the source of the data will be made known, unless it is contrary to public interest. The logic involved in any automated decision on the data will be explained to you. Should it exist, data held in the form of opinions may be given, except where such opinions were given in confidence and even in such cases should your fundamental rights suggest that you should have access to the data in question, it may be given.

To make an access request (under the Data Protection Acts (1988 and 2003)) you must apply to fixyourstreet.ie in writing (please use the 'contact us' form). Please include any details which might be needed to help us identify you and locate the information that fixyourstreet.ie may keep about you eg. first name, last name, email address. For the request to be valid you will need to pay the prescribed access fee which is €6.35 (payable to South Dublin County Council).

Once the request is received together with the associated fee - thereby being valid, you can expect the supply of all relevant information promptly and in any event within 40 days of the request being valid.


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What are cookies?

A 'cookie' is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It can enable the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.

How fixyourstreet.ie uses cookies?

fixyourstreet uses 'cookies' to monitor the usage and quality of its service, to prepare statistical reports, and to ensure adequate resources are available to cope with the demands of the service. fixyourstreet does not personally track individuals or an identifiable individual's usage of the service. fixyourstreet uses google analytics to gather and report on statistical useage activity.