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Missing street sign 0

16:27 Nov 21, 2017

We used to have a sign on the pole directing traffic to our village Roonith. This has been removed so it makes it difficult to direct people/deliveres...

Near Roonith, Mayo

Car parking on Orwell Bridge 0

15:26 Nov 21, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam. I,am writing to you regarding parking on Orwell bridge. Parked Cars on the bridge are obscuring the view of cars exiting from Orwell...

Near Orwell Bridge

Pathway needs clean up and bag of litter in stream beside path 1

14:45 Nov 21, 2017

Station Road Portmarnock going towards roundabout from Dart station pathway needs clean up and bag of litter thrown in stream beside path -- posted via...

Near Station Road Portmarnock

Building Debris on Road 1

11:49 Nov 21, 2017

Streamstown Lane is presently covered in muck and stones as result of the multiple building projects currently underway on the Lane. There are also numerous...

Near streamstown lane

Speeding and no pedestrian lights on Fairways 1

10:45 Nov 21, 2017

The road on Fairways, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 adjacent to Rathfarnham Shopping Centre is a hazard. The shopping centre is extremely busy and cars speed...

Near Fairways, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Kerbstones loose 1

10:30 Nov 21, 2017

Kerbstones loose on roadside outside 14 Millview Lawns On Millview Road. Children oing home from school were bouncing them up and down while one child...

Near 53.451199828021,-6.1738759188

2 x trees and signpost damaged 1

10:00 Nov 21, 2017

Car ploughed two trees and a signpost out of it, debris all over the footpath including the trees, signpost, bumper & reg number from car. ---- This...

Near 53.28412,-6.425333

Roads filthy 1

08:55 Nov 21, 2017

Roadsweeper needed asap in Somerton. The whole road leading to main road is filthy with construction traffic. There is no wheel wash on this site hence...

Near 53.493390878408,-6.1406858393702

Roads and paths filthy 1

08:50 Nov 21, 2017

All roads and paths, as far as Donabate National school should be brushed and washed everyday. This is very unfair on the community, all cars and walkers...

Near 53.488553086085,-6.1466931887331

Strong sewage smell 0

08:50 Nov 21, 2017

The Aspen Avenue estate has a very strong sewage smell which appears to be coming from roadside shores - when clearly they should only have rainwater...

Near 53.384428,-6.407287

Dangerous footpath and cracked wall from roadworks 0

22:20 Nov 20, 2017

Hello Tonight I witnessed and helped up a lady in her 70's who tripped and fell on the footpath in front of my house. The footpath is about 3 inches...

Near 45 Offington Park Sutton Dublin 13

R327 1

22:14 Nov 20, 2017

Road is not wide enough for 2 vehicles so when you pull in all the verges are damaged and full of pot holes. ItÂ’s the section between the Cloonfad turn...

Near R327 Claremorris to Cloonfad Road.

R630 0

21:50 Nov 20, 2017

For the past year or more due to the ever increasing number of large potholes on the R630 cars have been swerving onto the wrong side of the road to avoid...

Near 51.843405477645,-8.2111550151514

Damaged footpath 0

21:40 Nov 20, 2017

Footpath outside 272/273 glenview park tallaght is cracked with holes and dangerous a child fell off her bike because of it i have rang and complain about...

Near 53.287550212847,-6.3460344835551

Muck & debris on roads 1

18:34 Nov 20, 2017

Muck & debris on roads from somerton, glaslin, Beaverston road, particularly bad around the credit union area, the roads are not been cleaned from the...

Near doanbate

Overgrown bushes on footpath 0

18:28 Nov 20, 2017

Near entrance to haggardstown garden centre you have to walk on road to avoid mud and bushes on footpath -- posted via mobile web

Near Dundalk bypass Co Louth

Serious Road Traffic Issue 1

18:20 Nov 20, 2017

Something needs to be done about the volume of traffic on this older part of Mount Avenue. While cleaning outside my home, which I might add the council...

Near 54.002963527823,-6.4209938459613

Dangerous pot-holes 1

15:44 Nov 20, 2017

Large pothole about 1.5 meters across and about 15-20 cm deep. Could cause damage to vehicles or could cause pedestrians to break their legs. Pothole...

Near Railway Forge access (rear of Woodview Park), Avoca Co. Wicklow

Cycle Lane markings no longer visible 2

15:10 Nov 20, 2017

The cycle lane markings on the north side of the road approaching the junction of Bride Street are almost invisible. This results in motorists entering...

Near 53.338282,-6.269842