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Sewage overflow 2

14:45 Aug 16, 2018

Discharge from septic tank openly flowing onto public road. -- posted via

Near 53.788286, -6.267298

Damaged manhole cover #2 2

22:00 Aug 14, 2018

Second Damaged manhole cover in The Priory estate, located on the green opposite number 67 ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.285120356673,-6.2794280678395

Damaged manhole covers 2

22:00 Aug 14, 2018

Damaged manhole cover in The Priory estate, located on grass verge between numbers 67 and 68 ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.285158832399,-6.2793851381222

Water 2

21:50 Aug 12, 2018

Water burst pipe?. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Water -- posted via the public api

Near N/A

Badly blocked drain 1

18:05 Aug 11, 2018

The rain water drain outside No 8 is blocked and any significant rainfall leads to a massive puddle several metres wide. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.455077998102,-6.1777746773525

Leak on our road 2

11:16 Aug 11, 2018

Dear sir / madam, We would like to report a leak on the road outside our house. We live at Oakland Hills, Seamount road, Malahide. There seems to...

Near Oakland Hills, Seamount Road, Malahide, Co. Dublin

Water Leak 2

08:36 Aug 09, 2018

There has been a water leak for months on the R120 road just after the Newcastle roundabout at Greenogue on the way to Rathcoole -- posted via

Near Greenogue Rathcoole

Water leak, Gladstone Street 2

13:11 Aug 07, 2018

Burst main water leak? Or underground water rising, quite unlikely. Rising through a crack between the tarmac and kerb and draining to a nearby stormwater...

Near 13 Gladstone Street, Waterford

Potential flooding risk at The Brook, Skerries 1

11:19 Aug 07, 2018

I live in Brooklawn, Brookville Lane, Skerries, K34EC60. The Brook runs along the side of our house and passes under a small bridge before proceeding...

Near Brookville Lane, Skerries

Blockd sewage drains. 1

20:47 Aug 06, 2018

Sewage drains backed up on bl9ck of 4 terraced houses from no25 to 31 de selby downs. Manhole in no.31 which is under the control of the council. Manhole...

Near 25 de selby downs

External water supply 2

17:30 Aug 06, 2018

The external stopcock outside of 210 Shanganagh Cliffs is worn and although we have tried a church key, the stopcock itself is too worn to turn. At the...

Near 53.238774375104,-6.1145442758656

Water 2

16:20 Aug 06, 2018

Oil leak all over River Fergus through Ennis, emerging from Culvert at Wood Key across from the Simon Charity Shop. ITM co-ordinates of culvert is 533492...

Near N/A

Water 3

18:50 Aug 03, 2018

Water leak? Or underground water rising. Outside 13 Gladstone Street, Nursing Needs Ltd. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Water -- posted via...

Near N/A

New water meter leaking 2

18:40 Aug 01, 2018

This water meter has been leaking since January and nobody seems to care about it. There is a country wide hose pipe ban yet this leak is so obvious....

Near 53.279436469559,-6.3070260853509

Water leak 3

19:10 Jul 27, 2018

There is a continuous leak of water on Leinster road near the junction with Grosvenor Place and has been there through the hot weather ---- This report...

Near 53.322567242635,-6.2732688807823

Sewage leak 4

14:00 Jul 26, 2018

This issue was reported some 2 weeks ago and a crew was sent to flush the system. It would appear that this has not solved the issue and we still have...

Near 53.125495595566,-6.7568352598263

Leaking water main 2

09:11 Jul 26, 2018

Loads of water spilling out onto the road at the junction opposite the fire station -- posted via

Near opposite the fire station

Water leak 2

17:58 Jul 25, 2018

Water leak in coill dubh village. -- posted via mobile web

Near In front of houses in coill dubh between 1 coill dubh to 4 coill dubh

Water leak 2

19:20 Jul 23, 2018

Water leak at derelict building ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.204467581286,-6.1088370981883

Blocked drainage 2

16:34 Jul 23, 2018

Drainage is blocked beside Jameson House building which causes water to accumulate on the road affecting the walls of the building. -- posted via

Near street beside Jameson House building, Drogheda