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Water Leak 2

19:56 Nov 14, 2018

Bad water leak coming from a valve on the footpath. Footpath was recently replaced and this was broken by the road crew. -- posted via

Near Footpath at 87 Furze Road

Blocked drains 3

15:55 Nov 14, 2018

Two drains blocked in car park of trax brasserie. resulting in flooding ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...

Near 53.218841370819,-6.6579931963497

Drain leaking 2

12:39 Nov 14, 2018

Drain @ front of house leaking sewage. -- posted via mobile web

Near 91 Grace O'Malley road howth

Drainage after heavy rain 1

19:05 Nov 11, 2018

Significant flooding on street after all heavy rain - has been getting worse with each downpour and while it eventually (5-6hrs) drains away, a long wet...

Near 52.239495113527,-7.0612853062158

Blocked outlet pipe Sutton Creek 2

14:34 Nov 11, 2018

The outlet pipes on the beach at Greenfield Road, Sutton are totally blocked again and causing surface water flooding. -- posted via

Near Sutton Dublin 13

Leak 2

07:50 Nov 09, 2018

Outside team the water is gushing down the street, on kilbarrack parade dublin 5 -- posted via mobile web

Near Kilbarrack parade

Blocked drains 1

22:08 Nov 07, 2018

The drains on the road outside our house (“Mandeville”, Torquay Road, Foxrock, D18 F4A8) are blocked with leaves / mud / pine needles and need to be...

Near “Mandeville”, Torquay Road, Foxrock, D18 F4A8

Oakfield Industrial estate 3

10:42 Nov 07, 2018

No street light working in Oakfield Industrial estate and flooding along Unit 2 to Unit 5. -- posted via

Near Unit 4 Oakfield industrial estate

Water mains 2

12:55 Nov 06, 2018

No main water supply ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.432702126008,-6.1341250616762

Low water pressure 2

11:19 Nov 06, 2018

-- posted via mobile web

Near 9 Wood Dale Drive Ballycullen dublin24

Black liquid leaking on dolly mount beech 4

10:18 Nov 05, 2018

I was walking on dolly mount beech two days ago at low tide on the very north of bull island there was a significant amount of black liquid leaking out...


Sewage leaking from drain 2

15:57 Nov 03, 2018

Eww sewage is seeping out from drain outside no. 3 Bankside Cottages in Milltown. There is a very unhealthy and unpleasant smell and fluid is draining...

Near 3 Bankside Cottages, Milltown

Drains smelling 2

12:15 Nov 03, 2018

Bad smell at 49 westpark Possible drainage problem somewhere along the line Flooding outside irish cancer society shop in tallaght village ---- This...

Near 53.286553744087,-6.3639490519069

Tree maintenance required 3

12:42 Oct 30, 2018

Trees required to be trimmed back and topped along our street, Pine Grove ROAD in Swords. Approx 10 trees with huge amounts of leaves falling at this...

Near Pine Grove ROAD, Swords

Bad Water Leak. 2

19:34 Oct 28, 2018

Bad Water Leak. -- posted via mobile web

Near Main Ballina to Killala Road, Close to Crosspatrick Graveyard.

Leak 2

11:45 Oct 26, 2018

There has been a leak on the road for the last few weeks at least. Outside number 140, I think. ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.295128392366,-6.2549155302101

DLR Lexicon Toilets upstairs 1

08:39 Oct 26, 2018

Hi, Gorgeous facility and well used - congratulations. As these are the only toilets available to the public between Seapoint and Sandycove this is...

Near DLR Lexicon

effluence flowing out onto street 2

21:34 Oct 22, 2018

there has been an effluence flowing out from 16 thomas hand street , skerries for at least 2 weeks now. no matter what the weather the pathway is always...

Near 16 thomas hand street ,skerries

Water Leak 2

22:21 Oct 21, 2018

There would appear to be a water leak outside the recently built house on South Shore Road Rush with it's junction at Dalys Lane. -- posted via

Near Rush Co Dublin

Serious sewerage smell on old North Road Finglas 2

16:23 Oct 20, 2018

Extremely bad sewerage smell near the top of North Road Finglas along 103 North Road. Most likely a serious blockage affecting several houses, foul strong...

Near 103 North Road