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Storm Water Drain Blocked 1

15:20 Sep 20, 2017

Strom water drain blocked resulting in footpath been impassable and posing a danger to all road users. ---- This report was originally submitted at...


water pipe burst 1

10:47 Sep 19, 2017

Pipe burst at the bottom of st helenas rd/ tolka park. has been there for 2 months and is increasing in the amount of water leaking. this is my second...

st helenas road dublin

Water turning brown 3

22:30 Sep 18, 2017

For the last few weeks the water turns brown when bleach is added. This is a relatively new problem in the area and it only occurs in parts of Killaloe...


Sewerage odours public sewerage 2

20:55 Sep 18, 2017

I live in Finnstown Fairways and for the last week there has been a very strong smell of sewerage, this happens intermittently but is happening more often...


Tree Maintenance 3

16:36 Sep 18, 2017

Branches are so low you have to duck to get passed it. Also roots are lifting the cobble lock on our driveway..! Previously reported a water leak at...

Meadow View Grove

Blocked drain 1

22:40 Sep 17, 2017

Blocked drain outside no 12 (drain on footpath) ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Water 2

14:20 Sep 17, 2017

eternally flooded footpath. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Water


Broken manhole covers x 2 2

06:45 Sep 16, 2017

2 broken manhole covers exposing sewer.

25a Greenmount Lawns, Terenure

Drains 2

10:20 Sep 15, 2017

My toilet is overflowing and there is a smell of sewerage all in the street ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


Blocked Sewerage Drain 2

10:10 Sep 15, 2017

There is a blocked sewerage drain on Lucans main street. There is a smell of sewerage in the area also. ---- This report was originally submitted...


No water drainage at Walpole lane, Tralee 1

22:09 Sep 14, 2017

There is no drainage for rain water at the entrance to Walpole lane, castle street, Tralee. It is causing the rain water to gather at the path crossing...


Fliiding 1

16:40 Sep 14, 2017

The bank of the river was reinforced with rocks and concrete and now there is no where for the water on the road to go and it is causing a flood anytime...


Road drainage 1

07:23 Sep 14, 2017

There is a heavy build up of debry and mud. This in turn causing run water to gather at entrance to Redwood Hollystown.

Redwood Estate Hollystown Dublin 15

Blocked Drain 1

13:00 Sep 13, 2017

Another blocked drain - resulting in river of water flowing down onto College Road during showers. There are multiple blocked drains on College Road and...


Drainage Overflow 1

08:30 Sep 13, 2017

Hi, The drains on the street are all blocked and can no longer accept rainwater. Could this be fixed please. Thanks. ---- This report was originally...


sewage blockage 3

19:47 Sep 12, 2017

the sewage pipe is blocked in our street

castle close ashbourne co meath

leak works 1

11:08 Sep 12, 2017

Leak outside my house on footpath fixed quite some time ago. Cones and board are still there and need to be removed.

Skerries, Co Dublin

Leak on path 2

09:10 Sep 12, 2017

There has been a leak on the path to enter Rivery Valley park from the Forest Road, where the two standalone houses are rather than in Highfields. The...


Blocked Storm Drain 3

12:06 Sep 09, 2017

The drain on the road outside 14d Cherry Orchard Industiral Estate - Pepe Cafe is obviously blocked. Anytime it rains the road floods.

14d Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate

Damaged Road Surface 1

11:36 Sep 07, 2017

Dangerous road surface, deep pot holes and uneven surface from Keohane Quarry entrance for approx 200 metres towards Innishannon.

Outside entrance to Keohane Quarry