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Dumping rubbish 1

15:10 Sep 20, 2017

There are 2 bags of rubbish left last night on the road near the school. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


Serious Littering 0

14:40 Sep 20, 2017

Are there any bins here? This is a viewing point for the city and there is obvious littering and dumping? Is CCTV installed, if not, why not? Can't littering...


Illegal dumping 1

14:38 Sep 20, 2017

Car located in Sundale Close Tallaght Gets filled full of rubbish every few weeks and driven off in the late hours/early morning & comes back empty....

Near Sundale Close Tallaght

Clonkeen Road - Service Road. North End 0

14:30 Sep 20, 2017

The double yellow lines on the 'service road'need to be reinstated. Someone is going to get 'rear ended' turning into the road due to illegal parking...

Clonkeen Road Deans Grange Co. Dublin

Trolley load of Rubbish 1

11:35 Sep 20, 2017

Hi, a trolley load of rubbish has been dumped on road at 3 Streamville Close D13 (opposite Donahies school). Can you remove this please? Many thanks...


Broken glass on Red Cow footbridge over N7 1

11:27 Sep 20, 2017

There is a significant amount of broken glass on the bridge deck. There are also unbroken glass bottles there which if not cleaned up will likely be smashed...

Footbridge at Moran's Red Cow Hotel

Bonfire rubbish 1

11:03 Sep 20, 2017

Tyres,pallets and all other burning equipment

Lusk village

Illegal dumping /litter 1

09:13 Sep 20, 2017

Could you help please. Some dumped some bags in the maplewood park carpark. Thank you

Maplewood Park Carpark springfield

litter at bus stop 2

09:11 Sep 20, 2017

Hi, there is a lot of litter around the bus stop and in the bushes besise the bus stop (glass bottles, plastic containers, crisp packages). The bus stop...

alderwood road bus stop 2360 Springfield tallaght

Dumping 1

08:55 Sep 20, 2017

Garden material, house hold waste, building material such as tiles, bricks, fertilizer bags with domestic waste, plastics are being dumped here throughout...

drumfergus killygordon co donegal

Rubbish Dumped Along Monahan Road 0

08:43 Sep 20, 2017

Rubbish dumped along several areas of the Monahan Road

Monahan Road

Derrynane Pde & NCR, D7. Reported from to 1

01:29 Sep 20, 2017

See photo. popular spot, used for dumping 2-3 times a week. Again, local resident submitter requests if any CCTV can be installed

Derrynane Pde & NCR, D7.jpg

Beside North Circular Rd, D1. Reported from to 1

01:27 Sep 20, 2017

See photo. well known dumpspot, with many dumper tenants and rogue landlords operating nearby

Beside North Circular Rd, D1.jpg

Sandymount Green, D4. Reported from to 1

01:24 Sep 20, 2017

See photo. Submitter comments: "this pic was taken 3pm on a weekday, bins are always overflowing in this park. Can we get more bins, or more frequent...

Sandymount Green, D4.jpg

Valentia Pde, D7. Reported from to 1

01:21 Sep 20, 2017

See photo. Submitter says "one of everal piles on this street"

Valentia Pde, D7.jpg

Derrynane Pde, D7. Reported from to 1

01:18 Sep 20, 2017

See photo. lot of dumping around this little area, esimate 5-10 rogue local households. CCTV would be a godsend

Derrynane Pde, D7.jpg

Abandoned VW Polo 1

22:39 Sep 19, 2017

This car has been abandoned for more almost 2 years. Hasn't moved since my previous report (69960). It's tires are flat, and there is much dirt gathering...


Fake speed sign. 1

22:37 Sep 19, 2017

There is a fake 15 km/h sign strapped on an electricity pole. Isn't that illegal?


Illegal Dumping 1

22:25 Sep 19, 2017

2 cookers,travel cot, buggy and rubbish illegal dumped outside Daletree Place. Please remove immediately and check SDCC cameras to identify the culprits....


Burnt out car debris 2

22:00 Sep 19, 2017

Debris from burnt out car , black toxic rubber and charred tyres and glass , very dangerous for young kids ---- This report was originally submitted...