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Overgrown shrubbery 0

16:30 Sep 20, 2017

The shrubs bordering The Oaks and Cookstown Road need urgent attention ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it...


Overgrown hedges 0

15:27 Sep 20, 2017

Overgrown hedges out onto public footpath across from Calvary cemetery on the opposite side of the road along the Cross Route

Bryanstown Cross Route

Overgrown Hedges 0

15:10 Sep 20, 2017

Hedges along public are overgrown and pose a danger to all road users. Mullagh side of Billywood Crossroads for 1.5km. ---- This report was originally...


Clonkeen Road - Service Road. North End 0

14:30 Sep 20, 2017

The double yellow lines on the 'service road'need to be reinstated. Someone is going to get 'rear ended' turning into the road due to illegal parking...

Clonkeen Road Deans Grange Co. Dublin

Large Branch blocking Road 0

12:50 Sep 20, 2017

Large Branch blocking Road - fell off tree ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Trees overhanging Main Street and neighbouring property at no 1 Palmer Road, Rush, Co Dublin 1

12:06 Sep 20, 2017

6 overgrown trees in a small garden at the back overshadowing and hanging into Haven Bank, Palmer Road. Likewise trees far too large at the front of the...

Palmer Road, Rush, Co. Dublin

Over grown grass 2

11:20 Sep 20, 2017

Grass on lanesborough gardens needs to be cut ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Trees 1

10:55 Sep 20, 2017

Trees adjacent to and in front of 24 Seabury close are over grown and are encroaching on my front and back yard. The trees to the front are overgrown...


Falling trees 1

08:05 Sep 20, 2017

Two trees are falling at the entrance to Brookfield park. They are falling slowly and getting closer and closer to the ground. They will fall completely...


Dangerous trees! 1

07:58 Sep 20, 2017

There are 2 trees at the entrance of the cul de sac that are leaning/falling towards the road and footpath making it both dangerous to pedestrians and...

Brookfield Park, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

overgrown grass, trees &hedges 1

04:33 Sep 20, 2017

entrance to a council estate, abbey park, manorcunningham, is badly overgrown with grass, hedges and trees

abbey park, manorcunningham

Footpath trip hazard 1

23:50 Sep 19, 2017

Footpath rising due to tree roots (pavement cracked) - across the road from lamp post no. 7 Killakee Green - a four inch trip hazard.

Kilakee Green

Obstructed STOP sign 0

22:05 Sep 19, 2017

Traffic attempting to join the southbound side of Philipsburgh Avenue who turn left going past the ''three trees'' are supposed to STOP at the corner--but...


Overhanging trees/ briars/Silage storage 0

21:30 Sep 19, 2017

Road leading into Forth Village. Kinaffe, Swinford, Co.Mayo overhanging trees/briars damaging passing traffic, Bales of silage being stored at edge of...


Tree left uncut 1

18:06 Sep 19, 2017

Trees along Estuary Road in Seabury have been cut and maintained in the last few days. One tree(one of the biggest) was left uncut.

Estuary Road, Seabury, Malahide

Grass Cutting 1

16:58 Sep 19, 2017

Would it be possible not to have all the grass distributed onto the road after cutting the green area in Roselawn, Lucan. This practice makes the area...

Roselawn, Lucan

trees encroaching on public lighting 1

16:04 Sep 19, 2017

I have recently heard that public street lighting should be a least 5 metres from trees.The trees at 9 Greenlawns, Skerries are growing right up against...

9 Greenlawns

Water 0

12:20 Sep 19, 2017

Destruction of vegetation on the foreshore land, lake (which is regularly flooded, submerged)of Lough Allen at Spencer Habour, County Leitrim.. Submitted...


Cracked and broken footpath 0

12:00 Sep 19, 2017

the footpath is damaged from undergrowth root of a tree, its uneven causing a trip hassard. if you can please organise for it to be repaired, Many thanks...


Greens cleaning 0

12:00 Sep 19, 2017

Green area and open space not cleaned as contacted by DCC in Croftwood park. Every Monday Redlough are contracted to clean all greens and open spaces...