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Tree, Connawood Green, Bray, Co. Dublin 0

14:46 Sep 16, 2019

-- posted via mobile web The tree is too big. I think you can remove it. Plenty of trees around, Thank you.

Near Old Connaught Ave. Bray

Tress 0

09:05 Sep 16, 2019

Tress where cut down a week ago ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.32717013631,-6.4032149914843

Tree branch in roadway 0

20:42 Sep 15, 2019

A tree branch is partially blocking Turvey road between Turvey Nature Reserve and the R132 roundabout in the direction towards Donabate. Bollards are...

Near Turvey road at the R132 end

Dead Rowan Tree 0

08:44 Sep 15, 2019

Dead Rowan tree in grass verge is slowly rotting from the base and could possibly be at risk of falling in high winds causing injury or damage to parked...

Near Verschoyle Close, Dublin 24

tree cutting 0

07:03 Sep 15, 2019

Two trees opposite house numbers 9,10 and 11 Hazel Lawn, and beside number 63a Hazel lawn need to be trimmed. I have reported this many times. I have...

Near 63a Hazel Lawn, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

overgrown area and dead trees that need removing 0

19:03 Sep 14, 2019

The area of trees at the end of Eaton Wood Court where it meets Eaton Wood Grove has several dead trees which could cause expensive damage to neighbouring...

Near end of Eaton Wood Court and Eatonwood Grove

Decaying tree 1

07:38 Sep 14, 2019

Large tree is displaying signs of decay. Concerned for the safety of children who play underneath it and houses in close proximity to it and would appreciate...


Maintenance needed in Achill Sound 0

20:51 Sep 13, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, Many of us residents in the Achill Sound area have commented on the neglect of upkeep of our area. The trees and bushes at the sides...

Near Achill Sound

Path be trimmed 0

14:20 Sep 13, 2019

Could all the hedging be trimmed back from pathway. There is so much brambles hanging down. ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.487877253271,-6.1405448234383

Dead trees removal and replacements. 0

12:55 Sep 13, 2019

Two remaining whitebeam sorbus trees (the third one was removed a year or so ago), in estate's green space, are reported to be dead. They now need to...

Near 1 Hazelbrook Park, Castletymon Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Overhanging tree branches 0

11:45 Sep 13, 2019

Problem with overhanging branches from the trees. Impossible to walk along footpath under the trees. There is also some very uneven section of footpath...

Near 53.276021569425,-6.3704964167181

Overgrown hedges 1

22:03 Sep 12, 2019

The lane way on balkill park upper road is overgrown with weeds and nettles -- posted via mobile web

Near Howth

Grass maintenance 0

22:02 Sep 12, 2019

When the grass is cut all cutting are left to form weeds and the place is a disgrace. Weeds left to go etc -- posted via mobile web...

Near Howth

Dead tree 0

14:40 Sep 12, 2019

Rowan tree dead outside 6 Whitecliff Many trees in whitecliff were removed due to disease last year -hopefully this tree is not diseased also but would...

Near 53.282387443297,-6.2864298166959

Overgrown tree outside my door 1

14:01 Sep 12, 2019

I have reported this overgrown tree on 3 or 4 occasions & each time Ive been told its on a list to be cut. 2 years on the tree is still there, totally...

Near 7 tymon north park

Trees undergrowth needs trimming 0

13:59 Sep 12, 2019

all trees on one side of road were trimmed . ItÂ’s a hazard for the kids playing outside . Badly needed trim .

Near Ormond way , swords manor

Public road hedges have not been cut this year 1

13:06 Sep 12, 2019

The public road has not been cut this year, so the hedges and weeds are growing out and hitting the cars as they drive on the road. road is usually cut...

Near Eircode

Overgrown thorny bush 1

12:30 Sep 12, 2019

There is an overgrown thorny bush in the front garden of the corner house at Bramblefield Park which is blocking the footpath. The thorns are quite sharp...

Near 53.404754475987,-6.4120376942741

Overgrown trees 0

19:02 Sep 11, 2019

Trees at pedestrian entrance to ballyowen housing estate at ballyowen Avenue have gone very overgrown. They make entrance extremely dark and it is impossible...

Near Ballyowen Lucan

Overgrown grass at old Schering Plough site on boghall road 1

18:29 Sep 11, 2019

The grass is very overgrown at the old schering plough site on the boghall road. The grass is right beside the path and it looks awful. There is a wall...

Near Boghall Road, bray