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trees overhanging path way 1

09:58 Jul 20, 2018

corner of Ormond Grove and Ormond Ave , It is a private house but someone needs to talk to them , its bad at the minute ,but with the rain it will get...

Near Ormond Grove /Ormond ave

Walking / cycle path overgrown with weeds alongside James Larkin Road 1

21:20 Jul 19, 2018

Walking / cycle path overgrown with weeds alongside James Larkin Road. Overgrowth of weeds causes pedestrians to encroach on cycle side of walkway...

Near 53.37744204251,-6.1789295456992

Trees in need of attention 1

21:01 Jul 19, 2018

The roadside trees in Sutton Court and outside nos. 106 to 111 Sutton Park are in need of attention. As you can see from the attached photo the roadside...

Near sutton court Sutton park Dublin 13

Over grown hedges trees 0

18:18 Jul 19, 2018

On acces road from Stonebridge Road and Stonebridge Drive. Over grown hedges and shrubs ivy overgrown on kerb. Illegal littering taking place too. Area...

Near Stonebridge Drive. Hartstown Dublin 15

Trees blocking cycle lane 1

17:45 Jul 19, 2018

Trees over grown, unable to use cycle lane,pedestrians cannot see cyclists when getting off bus ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.402090312392,-6.3554287229746

Overgrown tree 0

17:40 Jul 19, 2018

Tree outside 46 Anne Devlin Road, pedestrians have to crouch to pass by it ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...

Near 53.290923813744,-6.304552014373

Overgrown Trees 0

17:15 Jul 19, 2018

The trees in the field here are largely overgrown and unmaintained which is blocking any sunlight from entering the house. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.319097302088,-6.3859326950325

Overgrown trees 0

16:21 Jul 19, 2018

Good afternoon, I live on Weston Ave and all the trees along the street are very overgrown, while walking on the footpath you have to duck as all the...

Near Weston Ave, Lucan Co dublin

Overgrown ivy and weeds 0

10:45 Jul 19, 2018

At the dlr recycling site overgrown ivy and large weed plants obscuring foothpaths to dart station ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.287248,-6.126873

Tree branches blocking road visibility 1

08:35 Jul 19, 2018

The branches of trees on the road verge have extended into the road and impede driver visibility of large trucks. There have been several close accidents....

Near 53.182163034885,-6.1156441987103

Shrub Overhanging Path - Danger 2

23:25 Jul 18, 2018

There is a purple shrub overhanging across half the footpath just after the entrance to the river, Its totally overgrown and could be a hazard for the...

Near 53.341679534227,-6.2296230997613

Open Space grass cutting not done 0

19:26 Jul 18, 2018

The grass in two of the three open spaces in Carriglea Downs/Ardmore has not been cut in a month. Can it be cut please. Picture attached. I complained...

Near 2 Willow Grove, Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Tree outside 3 Hermitage Green Lucan 1

18:48 Jul 18, 2018

Currently there appears to be works ongoing on trees located in Hermitage Park housing estate in Lucan. We live at 3 Hermitage Green and the tree outside...

Near 3 Hermitage Green Lucan

Vandalism 0

17:40 Jul 18, 2018

i totally undestand the trees need to be trimmed to let light on peoples gardens but what is going on is vandalism. The first 3 trees upon entry on the...

Near Greenhills estate Ballina

Dead tree 2

17:25 Jul 18, 2018

Young tree outside 59 & 58 Synge Street is dead about 1 year. Needs replacing... thanks ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.334733,-6.26679

Dead tree 1

16:50 Jul 18, 2018

Tree between 1 and 3 cypress grove south dead and limbs falling off blocking path ---- This report was originally submitted at You...

Near 53.297509,-6.311099

Road sweeping 1

15:00 Jul 18, 2018

Can you arrange for the road sweeper to come into Abbeylea Estate in Swords please , the roads down around the green need to be cleaned/ swept badly...

Near 53.463927,-6.23594

Oversized trees 1

14:30 Jul 18, 2018

There are three oversized trees outside my home. They are way too big! And pruning is not helping. They block light to the front of my home, bin trucks...

Near 53.310429049707,-6.3189755345414

Bike Lane Overgrown 0

13:25 Jul 18, 2018

The bike lane on Grange Castle Road from the Nangor Rd to the Grange Castle Business Park roundabout requires attention in numerous areas. The bike path...

Near Grange Castle Road, Clondalkin.

Hedge Cutting 1

11:40 Jul 18, 2018

Hedge needs to be cut at entrance to Department of Education & Skills, Cornamaddy Road, Athlone, Co. Westmeath. It growing out over footpath. Some of...

Near 53.433103,-7.910165