Report: road danger

15:02 Oct 11 2018 Near Brownstown Upper, the Curragh, Kildare

road surface has sunk leaving a sudden, cracked and very dangerous depression approx 4feet in diameter on the left side of the road going towards Brownstown village, 75m on the village side from Brownstown Cross (Farrells Cross locally). I have seen cars almost loose control here after hitting it -- posted via
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Kildare County Council (Oct 11 2018)
Thank you for contacting Fix Your Street.

Your report has been forwarded to our Roads Section.
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Kildare County Council (Oct 18 2018)
Thank you for your email.

In this regard the General Services Supervisor has carried out an assessment of this location and has advised that it appears that remedial repairs have recently been carried out at this location.
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