Report: Unsafe laneway surface / Dog fouling

09:38 Oct 12 2018 Near St peters / St nessans tce howth

The laneway, between St. PeterÂ’s and St NessanÂ’s Tce, Howth, is a major artery for children to access Howth Primary school.
This laneway surface is a trip/ injury hazard, as the surface is very uneven and littered with glass and dog fouling.
The declining state of the laneway is leading to anti social behaviour with littering and dog fouling accumulation in this and adjacent pathways.
The trip risk to children and local elderly residents must be mitigated ASAP.
The dog fouling is also a major health risk to children accessing school on St PeterÂ’s Tce, as the dog waste is being dragged into school and classrooms.
I have spoken to local representatives and school principal on this matter and request your immediate action.
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Howth Malahide Operations (Nov 6 2018)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street to report this issue. It has been logged with an Inspector for the area to be examined
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Howth Malahide Operations (Nov 29 2018)
The laneway was inspected on 2 occasions in the last week and any litter and debris present, which was not very large in volume, has been removed. The road sweeper sweeps the laneway on a fortnightly basis The surface condition will be assessed and if repairs are necessary the resurfacing will be given consideration in the 2019 works programme
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