Report: Dangerous Junction Stephen's Place and Lower Mount Street

12:30 Jan 16 2020 Near 53.339123219097,-6.2452551677936

The junction of Stephen's Place and Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2 is becoming increasingly dangerous. Today we just witnessed an accident between a car and a bicycle, with the cyclist injured and being attended to by paramedics. Cars regularly try to turn right coming out of Stephen's PLace, onto Mount St, and it is too dangerous to make this turn - the road is too busy. Also, the lane is becoming increasingly congested during the day, as it is too narrow for two-way traffic. Cars regularly back up onto Mount Street as they try to turn left, onto Stephens Place, but have to wait for oncoming traffic. Please address this matter as it is becoming increasingly dangerous.

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Customer Care Dublin City Council (Jan 16 2020)
Thank You for using Fix Your Street. This matter has been referred to the relevant Dublin City Council section for investigation/resolution. This report will be further updated on receipt of a response from the relevant section.
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Customer Care Dublin City Council (Jan 16 2020)
Thank you for using Your request was referred to our Traffic department on 16 January 2020 to investigate.
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