Report: bags of rubbish

17:47 Jan 27 2012 Ninth Lock Road, Dublin

4 bags of rubbish at elmfieldcourt 9th lock road at gate of church of later day saints also water leaking from overflow for 2 weeks apartment 13 landlord will not fix it ref management comp
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jan 30 2012)

Thank you for using Fix Your Street.

Your query has been referred to the Local Litter Warden for the area to inspect. If any local residents can provide details of the persons dumping at this location, they should contact the Litter Warden by e-mailing to help us take enforcement action under the Litter Pollution Act.

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jan 30 2012)

Details of your query regarding waste of water have been passed to an Engineer in our Water Section.

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Environmental Services) (Feb 12 2012)

Thank you for your report regarding bags of rubbish at Elmfieldcourt 9th lock road. The Litter Warden has investigated and no evidence has been found. Listed for clean up with our Cleansing Crew.

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Richard (Sep 5 2012)
Hello SDCC, On a walk last night along the canal at the ninth lock i was disappointing to see so much rubbish overflowing from the bins really lets the area down from what is a really great amenity for family walks etc also the Esso garage seems to have a break in the fence which allows access for travelers to race their horses up and down which is dangerous and cruel to the horses as i witnessed them skidding on the tarmac i feel its only a matter of time before there is a serious accident here. Can somebody ensure the Garage keeps their fence maintained or can a more secure barrier be erected to prevent access? again really lets the area down and i feel a few cannot be allowed to make a area less appealing/feel threatened to enjoy after a hard days work! kind regards Richard
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