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00:00 Jan 1 2019 Near South Dublin County Council

"" is a new service being piloted in the South Dublin County area from August 2nd 2011. It will consist of a publically accessible web site with associated mobile technologies on which non emergency issues such as graffiti, road defects, issues with street lighting, water leaks/drainage issues, and litter or illegal dumping can be reported to the local authority. As promised in the programme for government, issues raised on "" will be responded to within 2 working days. The response will be given by an official of the Council.

The pilot of this project will run for a period of three months from August 2nd 2011 in South Dublin County Council. Over this period the technologies deployed and the processes within the Council will be tested in a live working environment.

What area is covered during the pilot?
As the service is being run through South Dublin County Council, the area which can be responded to for the duration of the pilot is South Dublin County.

What is the "beta" tag on the site?
Because fixyourstreet is being piloted it is being placed at a "beta" status which normally signifies a service which is developing though a working environment. Because of this, the functionality offered may change or develop further to meet the aspirations of the service delivery.

Open Data is built on open source technology and facilitates openness and transparency by keeping each issue reported through and its progress in the public domain and available to anyone through the website. As the service is open - dealing only with non personal information, third parties will be free to analyse and interact with the service and information reported on the system. For those technically minded, an API (application programming interface) is available to interact with the service in a structured manner.
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