Report: Broken or over-flowing Bins at Annesley Park

08:05 Sep 11 2012 Broken or over-flowing Bins at Annesley Park

Greyhound and Oxyigen green bins abandoned at annsley park, 45 Dunville avenue, 28 Dartmouth road and many other places in Dublin 6
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Comments (Sep 14 2012)
The bags here have been removed. There

are black and green bins, old DCC bins left here, abandoned

etc. Arrangements will be made for their removal. (D Hackett)

Thank you for using fixyourstreet. We have given details of this to Rapid Response. They will remove

the bin at no. 45 Dunville Avenue if it is abandoned, no greyhound tag etc. The bins at Annesley park will be removed as well
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