Report: Overgrown bushes - Riverwood Lawn

11:48 Oct 2 2012 Riverwood Lawn, Carpenterstown

There is a very short path between Riverwood Lawn and Riverwood Grove.
The bushes on either side of this short path are very overgrown and encroach the path. It is difficult to get a buggy through this section.

The same bushes are overgrown onto the path along Riverwood Grove and onto the open space area there.

Note: The road names on Google Maps are wrong.
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Damien Carbery (Nov 20 2012)
What is the status of this report? Other bushes on Riverwood Lawn have been trimmed but not these.
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Damien Carbery (Dec 4 2012)
This bush was finally cut back - it looks great now. It is a pity that FCC did not acknowledge or update this report and that it took 2 months to act on it.
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