Report: Damaged Tree

18:43 Oct 2 2012 Bottom of Monastery Gate Lawns cul de sac

There is a mature tree just outside our property, in a small park area,which is council land. This has low hanging branches which local children are climbing and swinging out of, causing damage to the tree and posing a danger to the children.

A number of years ago, on carrying out some work on our property, a council official strongly advised us to take care of a similar tree located within our boundary line, and I now feel that the council should do likewise with this tree.
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Oct 3 2012)

Thank You for using Fix Your Street,

The Council's Senior Executive Parks Superintendent for the Corkagh District has been requested to arrange an early inspection of the tree at the specified location.

On foot of this report a further response will issue.

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Environmental Services) (Oct 17 2012)

Thank you for your enquiry. Could you please provide the location of the tree so as it can be assessed. The following is an example of the information required to enable the tree to be located - tree on roadside grass verge outside house No. X. on the stree name, Clondalkin etc.

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