Report: Bins for Balbriggan beach front

07:50 Oct 5 2012 Balbriggan beach area in Fingal COCO area

There are no bins on Balbriggan beach front walk for visitors to use. Rubbish is placed on or beside the benches along the beautiful walk. However there no bins to place the rubbish in.
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Balbriggan / Swords Operations Dept (Oct 12 2012)
At a recent meeting with representatives from Balbriggan Town Council and the Council’s Operations Department, it was agreed that 2 new litter bins and a third re-located bin from the open space near the Martello Tower, will be placed along the beach walkway at Balbriggan – one at either end and one in the middle. Usage of these litter bins will be monitored as previously there have been issues in relation to vandalism of the bins and evidence that domestic refuse was being placed in bins at this location.

It was also agreed that during the summer months additional, temporary bins will be placed on the grassed area in front of the lifeguard station and shop.
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