Report: Bonfires

16:06 Oct 8 2012 Kew Park, Lucan

Sir, i am a resident of kew park in lucan and for the past 40 years we have had to tolerate an illegal bonfire on the grounds between kew park and weston estate. The bonfire is bad enough as it attracts anti social behaviour from all over lucan and beyond which results in the local people becoming prisoners in their own homes for many hours. It also has a negative effect on peoples pets due to the many explosions from fire works. The ending of hallowen does not stop the drunken behaviour as the fire is kept lit for several days and we cannot open a window as a result of the smoke. I therfore am requesting that a sign be erected on this site warning of the penalties for lighting a fire
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Oct 9 2012)

Thank You for using Fix Your Street,

The Council's Senior Executive Parks Superintendent for the Esker District has been requested to arrange an early inspection of the area at the specified location.

On foot of this report a further response will issue.

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Environmental Services) (Oct 10 2012)

The Council do not have the resources to erect signs at the hundreds of bonfire sites across the county. It is widely known that bonfires on open space are illegal and we do believe that erecting signs would be an effective deterrant.

The fires are usually lit by local residents and the best way to tackle this problem is at a local level. Residents are encouraged to contact their residents associations about this and ask them to remind local residents that bonfires are not acceptable. In the run up to Halloween the council removes many tons of bonfire material from open spaces. In addition to this the Council in conjunction with CCRI in the lead up to Halloween are encouraging households to recycle WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical) materials - that’s anything with a battery or a plug, in a safe and legal way. If you would like to organise a collection for your area, contact Una at <a href=""></a> or on 01 4578321. There will also be a free WEEE collection day provided by WEEE Ireland on 27<sup>th</sup> October at Powercity Fonthill 10am -4pm.

Free access to Civic Amenity Ballymount on Saturday 27<sup>th</sup> October will also be available to residents of South Dublin County on production of the Halloween postcard which will be distributed to all households in early October.

This year the Bulbs not Bonfires is part of the Social Credits Scheme. This initiative provides communities with flowers in the Spring instead of having a scarred open space through the year. Please apply for the initiative through the social credits scheme on <a href=""></a>, the closing date of Friday 19<sup>th</sup> October 2012.

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