Report: Road markings on Seatown Rd to EstuaryRd Swords (behind (Woodies)

15:34 Feb 17 2017 Seatown Rd, Swords

There are no road markings on Seatown Rd from dual carriage way to Estuary Rd. Swords. This stretch of road has become extremely busy in recent months, with traffic coming and going to Seatown business park. Cars are travelling at excessive speeeds and there are a lot of children in the three estates that open on to this road. I myself have witnessed quite a few near misses both as a pedestrian and a motorist. Please take time to review this as it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident. Stop signs were painted at estate entrances but it's the main road that is the problem, it really needs a solid white line. Thank you
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Balbriggan Swords Operations Department (Feb 20 2017)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. This matter has been referred to the Traffic Engineer. We will revert to you when we have some feedback from the Traffic Engineer.
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Balbriggan Swords Operations Department (Apr 26 2017)
The Traffic Engineer has advised that an inspection of Seatown road will be carried out to assess the condition of the road markings and to determine if additional road markings are require, i.e., centreline markings or slow text markings. It should be noted that a centreline road marking is not advisable on narrow roads. The Traffic Signs Manual advises that on roads less than 6.2m in width, the provision of centre lines can cause over-running of the carriageway edge, particularly on bends. If a centreline is in place it means that in some circumstances motorists cannot avoid crossing this line, thus technically committing an offence under Article 25 of the Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997. The use of the Single Continuous Centre Line on rural roads less than 6.2m in width is not recommended, except on the approaches to Stop and Yield Lines (RRM 017 and RRM 018).
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