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Branch/Litter Lucan 2

15:04 Sep 16, 2014

I would like to report a fallen branch of Ash tree on a dangerous bend near our house. Its on bend opposite house named Woodlawns at Allenswood Lucan,...

cherry Blossom Lucan

Water leak-Rathfarnham 1

15:00 Sep 16, 2014

2 Marley Walk, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16. considerable amount of water leaking from driveway of the above. Contractors have dug up a certain amount of...

Marley Walk,Rathfarnham

Litter - Alderwood Green 2

14:52 Sep 16, 2014

there are several bags of Rubbish and a baby buggy dumped at the top of Alderwood Green and it has been there for a couple of weeks could someone in the...

Alderwood Green

Road warning sign left behind after roadworks 0

12:44 Sep 16, 2014

The amber 'road narrows' warning sign has been left on St Columbanus Road after recent road works. See link to video below. Please remove

Windy Arbour

Street cleaning 2

11:50 Sep 16, 2014

Hi, I would like to report the litter problem on the street. Combined with the recent roadworks the street is currently a disgrace. There is litter and...


Tree Pruning in Boden Park Estate, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 1

10:50 Sep 16, 2014

All trees in the Estate are in desperate need of pruning, as car's underneath are being damaged from sap falling from trees. Also these tree branches...


Rubbish left on road 1

10:25 Sep 16, 2014

On Kiltipper Road outside Marlfield Crescent there is a huge mound of rubbish including old doors, a tv, broken toys. I remember the same problem this...


Illegal Dumping Gazelle Village Tyrrelstown Dublin 15 1

10:08 Sep 16, 2014

On the corner of Gazelle Village Tyrrelstown Dublin 15, there has been illegal dumping of a Mattress. It has been there for two weeks and is blocking...

Corner of Gazelle Village Tyrrelstown

Stree Light out 1

09:48 Sep 16, 2014

Linn Ban, Doctors Lane Rush Co Dublin

linn ban rush


Street Light broken 2

09:46 Sep 16, 2014

Street Light in housing estate of Linn Ban, Rush Co Dublin is broken for past 2 weeks.

outside no 7 Linn Ban, Rush, CO Dublin


Graffiti Templeogue 0

09:36 Sep 16, 2014

Disgusting graffiti sprayed at the back of houses in Osprey Lawn Templeogue from Tymon Park

Osprey Lawn, Templeogue, Dublin 6w


cash for cars sign obstructing traffic light, memorial road kilmainham 2

09:31 Sep 16, 2014

Cash for cars sign is obstructing traffic lights on Memorial road in Kilmainham. This sign went up just days after one was removed.

Memorial Road, Kilmainham, Dublin

broken pedestrian lights 0

09:31 Sep 16, 2014

The pedestrian traffic lights on Marian Road, rathfarnham, D14 by the Rosemonunt S.C. have a broken button on the Church side of the road so that the...

103-111 Marian Road, Dublin, Ireland

Traffic light at Vernon Avenue 1

09:31 Sep 16, 2014

Lights on corner of Mount Prospect Avenue and Vernon Avenue are broken. They don't go green for pedestrians. This is on a school route so extremely dangerous....

Traffic light at Vernon Avenue

messy Street 2

09:31 Sep 16, 2014

Can you please arrange for the lower end of Church Road to be cleaned as there's litter strewn everywhere. Thanks!

2-74 Caledon Road, Dublin, Ireland

Stairs littered, Johnny Cullen's Hill, East wall 2

09:31 Sep 16, 2014

Hi, can you please send someone to sweep the the steps leading down from Johnny Cullen's Hill in East Wall? It is absolutely filthy.

East Road, Dublin, Ireland

dumped rubbish 1

09:31 Sep 16, 2014

refuse bags of rubbish and an old bug dumped on street corner

2-36 Alderwood Green, Dublin, Ireland

Continuous litter and dumping at trawbreaga bay, lagahurry, isle of doagh, clonmany, co Donegal 1

22:13 Sep 15, 2014

Hi, I want to alert you to a problem that is growing at the beautiful location of trawbreaga bay in the isle of doagh. There are people camping (illegally?)...

trawbreaga bay, lagahurry, isle of doagh, clonmany, co Donegal

Tree pruning 1

21:31 Sep 15, 2014

I draw your attention to previous FYS post no. 4313 (August 2012), regarding trees planted very closely behind the boundary walls Woodlawn Park Ave....