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Footpath Blocked 1

17:29 Jun 26, 2014

On the R864 St Marys Road, Galway, a jeep is parked over a number of days, completely blocking the footpath and forcing pedestrians onto the road into...

St Mary's Road

Multiple instances of Commercial Signage 2

16:54 Jun 26, 2014

At the bottom of the M4 Exit 4a where it meets the R835 are multiple types of commercial advertising from Bye-Bye-TV bills, to Cars for Cash, to Jazz...

bottom of the M4 Exit 4a where it meets the R835, Lucan

Dumping 2

16:50 Jun 26, 2014

Rubbish left on pathway, has been there some weeks now; duvet, shoes and other Please can it be removed, Thanks ---- This report was originally submitted...


Blind Spot/Overgrown 2

16:27 Jun 26, 2014

I travel from Ballygurran road to Moonbaun over a boreen. On the Ballygurran road it is extremely dangerous to get out on the mail road as the hedges...

Ballygurran Road/Castlelamber road connecting wtih Moonbaun

Road repairs 1

15:56 Jun 26, 2014

Hi, I am writing to complain about a stretch of road about 250 metres long that's in badly need of repair as it's full of potholes. Attached are maps...


Subsided footpath 1

15:20 Jun 26, 2014

Footpath outside 1 Whitechurch Grove has subsided again, creating a trip hazard and problems for wheelchair and push chair users. ---- This report was...


traffic light 0

14:51 Jun 26, 2014

Pedestrian lights on Carpenters town Ave at Sycamore Dr not working with button

Carpentetstown Abe


Graffiti 2

14:33 Jun 26, 2014

Defamatory Graffiti on wall bounding Dun an Oir and Watermeadow Drive in Old Bawn. Please remove this as it is attracting unsocial activity and further...

Dun an Oir bounding with Watermeadow Drive


Playground maintenance 1

13:59 Jun 26, 2014

Playground maintenance

Cappagh Park, Galway City

Illegal Dumping and Tree and Shrub Maintenance 2

12:30 Jun 26, 2014

I would like to repor the illegal dumping yet again at the back of my house. I have seen three rats over the last couple of months becuase of the dumping....

22 Castleview walk, swords, co. dublin

illegal dumping on strawberry beds 2

12:09 Jun 26, 2014

Hi I need to report some illegal dumping on strawberry beds. It's close to riverside lodge, on the Chapelozid side.

riverside lodge, strawberry beds, dublin 20

Street Light not working 2

11:23 Jun 26, 2014

Street Light no. 9 in Moyfenrath Estate, Enfield has been off for the last few weeks.

enfield meath


Water Outage 2

09:34 Jun 26, 2014

There has been no water in this area since 3pm 25/06/14. There is still no water as of today 26/6 @ 9.30am

Cypress Downs, Templeogue

Park maintenance in Clonee 0

09:32 Jun 26, 2014

Just wish to report in general the way the Littlepace / hunters run area is being maintained by fingal county council. It has become very noticeable that...

Littlepace hunters run

No Water 2

08:36 Jun 26, 2014

There is no water in Cypress Downs , Templeogue is this due to burst water main at Newlands Cross?

Cypress Downs, Templeogue

water problem 2

08:24 Jun 26, 2014

Water pressure off mains very low, no water upstairs

kilvere park, cypress downs, templeogue,


22:19 Jun 25, 2014

In the dip opposite NORTHWOOD just North of Santry Stadium, is roughly where the 60KPH area of the Airport/Airways Industrial Estate changes to 50KPH...

Just south of Junction Airport-Road / Northwood

Landscaping overgrown on roundabout - visibility issues 1

17:05 Jun 25, 2014

Hi The landscaping in the middle of the roundabout on the R125 at Holywell estate in Swords is overgrown and is causing problems as drivers are unable...

R125 roundabout, Holywell Estate, Swords, Co Dublin

Graffiti 2

16:35 Jun 25, 2014

Hi, There is a lot of graffiti on the wall opposite Kingswood Luas stop on the footpath entrance into Kilnamanagh. It's been there for more than a month...



Castleknock- Roads Department 1

15:32 Jun 25, 2014

In Park Avenue, Castleknock there are two gaps in the single yellow line painted about 2 months ago. Also, signs indicating the associated Parking Restrictions...