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Broken bin and concrete underneath 1

23:18 Jun 12, 2014

There is a bin in Kenure Woods Rush opposite Tescos which has been broken for about 6 week's or more. It looks like it was lifted out of the ground and...


Bushes at old Navan Road rear of Talbot Downs Dublin 15 0

22:42 Jun 12, 2014

Bushes at stone wall need to be cut to height of wall as growing wild over the wall into Gardens and unslightly area. Would appreciate any feedback!

Talbot Downs Dublin 15

Grass cutting in Somerton, Donabate 1

22:42 Jun 12, 2014

The back green in Somerton has not been cut for some while (house no's 50 - 90) and is beginning to look like a meadow which is such a pity. However the...

Somerton, Donabate

Bins in the Park 1

22:35 Jun 12, 2014

Lovely new seats were put in the park a few months ago and there were supposed to be bins put in also but there is no sign of them. Any chance the bins...


Pedestrian Lights Not Changing 3

22:05 Jun 12, 2014

Pedestrian lights often do not change or take such a long time to do so that it is not viable to wait. This can also be an issue at the next set of lights...


Chip van 2

21:59 Jun 12, 2014

There is a chip van trailer sitting outside my neighbours house for the last year obscuring children's views when crossing the road. It is an eyesore...

Foxborough downes, Lucan

Bags of household refuse dumped 2

21:44 Jun 12, 2014

Bags of household refuse dumped at Camac Park. Also, waste of every description continuously dumped on adjacent roads, i.e. Bluebell Lane, JFK Drive,...

Camac Park, Bluebell, D12

Litter and Illegal Dumping 2

21:36 Jun 12, 2014

Bags of household rubbish dumped at Camac Park, Bluebell. Also waste of every description is continuously dumped on adjacent roads, i.e. Bluebell Lane,...

Camac Park. Bluebell

Rubbish dumping at Fitzroy Avenue, dublin 3 2

19:36 Jun 12, 2014

A large number of bags of rubbish dumped near the Jones's Road end of Fitzroy Avenue. They were there Thursday morning...still there Thursday evening...

65 Fitzroy Avenue, Dublin, Ireland

Very Bad Smell 2

19:15 Jun 12, 2014

There is a very bad smell coming from the area to the left of the entrance to the Mutton Island causeway. It smells like sewerage. It is not seaweed as...


Grass cutting needed 1

16:40 Jun 12, 2014

Grass needed to be cut at creamery cross , by Gailtir GAA club dunmore east. Hazard to drivers at turn.

Creamery cross , gailtir GAA club , dunmore east , Waterford , Ireland

Dundalk-R172-Blackrock Road-Outside Kingswood/Loakers Estates 1

16:40 Jun 12, 2014

The state of the road is terrible; constantly getting patchwork done that does not last very long, causing even greater potholes then before. There are...


Sandwich board blocking path 2

15:14 Jun 12, 2014

Sandwich board in middle of this very narrow, extremely busy footpath.

14 Leinster Street South, Dublin 2, Ireland

Illegal sandwich boards blocking footpath 2

15:14 Jun 12, 2014

Sandwich board placed bang in the middle of footpath outside Therapie at 8-9 Molesworth Street.

2 Frederick Street South, Dublin, Ireland

Overgrown bushes 2

15:00 Jun 12, 2014

Noticed bushes totally overgrown and sightings of rats running through them and there is alot of children hanging around there ---- This report was originally...


Election Poster 3

14:38 Jun 12, 2014

At junction of Belgard Road with Bothar Katherine Tynan there is what appears to be a Sinn Fein local election candidate election poster. It's still...

junction of Belgard Road with Bothar Katherine Tynan - See map.

Bag left at bin on Griffeen Ave, Lucan 2

14:30 Jun 12, 2014

Bag left at bin on Griffeen Ave, Lucan. It would drive you mad, it does me :-( @DublinLitter @FixYourStreet

Griffeen Ave, Lucan - See Photo

No road markings 2

14:30 Jun 12, 2014

The road markings on the R375 from the playground to the courthouse have faded away and need complete re-painting. As this is a busy road and used by...

Kilkelly Road, Swinford

Graffiti on Sign 1

14:27 Jun 12, 2014

@FixYourStreet Sign on Old Dublin Road, Stillorgan near Oatlands has graffiti.

Old Dublin Road, Stillorgan - See photo


Faulty street light 1

14:25 Jun 12, 2014

I would like to report a faulty street light in Longwood Park off the Grange Road, Rathfarnham. The light keeps turning on and off during hours of darkness....

7 Longwood Park