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Dumping 2

15:53 Jul 25, 2014

Dumping at point on map. Regular dumping spot. This time a number of black sacks (hidden behind some vegetation) in the entrance off road located at...

R120 - Near Polyhops (Adamstown Side) GPS: 53.322832, -6.459216

Offensive [dangerous] Graffiti 2

15:47 Jul 25, 2014

At the point on the map there is graffiti across the wall with the name of an individual, an accusation of them being a garda informant, and a threat...

Fettercairn Road, Tallaght


Sign has Graffiti 2

15:45 Jul 25, 2014

Hi The direction sign at Fettercairn Rd/Kilcarrig Avenue has had Graffiti scrawl on it - needs cleaning/removal. Thanks.

Fettercairn Rd/Kilcarrig Avenue


street light / unsightly weed patch 2

15:11 Jul 25, 2014

no street light out side no.30 /corner of rosehall & very unsightly weed patch on the bog lane beside hospital car park

drogheda bog lane/rosehall estate

Drains Rathfarnham 2

14:51 Jul 25, 2014

2 problems in Rathfarnham Park, Rathfarnham. Drain in the vicinity of 31 on that side, is broken and very dangerous. P & T manhole, there is a very big...

Rathfarnham Park

Street lights out of order 1

14:51 Jul 25, 2014

The following street lights are out of order for the past month. Location: Turf Bog Lane Kilwarden, Kill, Co Kildare. 1) Lights numbers 22 to 30 (inclusive)...

Turf Bog Lane Kiwarden, Kill, Co Kildare.


Illegal dumping 1

14:42 Jul 25, 2014

Illegal dumping of flooring material in gateway on road between Castlewarden and Blackhill, Kill., Co Kildare

Blackhill-Castlewarden, Kil Co Kildare

litter on the beach 1

12:12 Jul 25, 2014

every warm day vast amounts of cars drive onto Stragill Beach and leave large amounts of litter. This Beach urgently needs a solution to deal with visitor's...

Stragill, Buncrana

uneven/pot holed suface 1

11:51 Jul 25, 2014

Really badly tarmac cover in the lane behind my house. With a bug dip. I have 2 small children who cycle/skateboard through the lane. It is very dangerous...

rathcoole. co. dublin

Flemington lane, Balbriggan 0

10:54 Jul 25, 2014

Bags & bags of dumped rubbish have split open along the road.. Plus loads of white styrofoam all over the road .. Place is in a mess.. Please send FCC...

Farmington lane Balbriggan

Dumping 1

09:55 Jul 25, 2014

16 Bags and Couch - Local Environmental Hazzard

Slade Road, Saggart

tree roots 0

09:36 Jul 25, 2014

Hello. The roots of the tree outside 1 Portersgate Avenue has raised through the ground causing damage. Can someone please call out to rectify this.

1 Portersgate ave clonsilla dublin 15

tree roots 0

09:35 Jul 25, 2014

Hello. The roots of the tree outside 1 Portersgate Avenue has raised through the ground causing damage. Can someone please call out to rectify this.

1 Portersgate ave clonsilla dublin 15

Graffiti at Domicis lane 1

01:10 Jul 25, 2014

I would to know who can help me.. The lane way between Dominic's shops at the Heath centre are full of graffiti and would to know wil u help me I'm...

Homelawn road Tallaght Tallaght


Weedkiller needed lane between Railway Ave and Sutton Dart station 2

23:22 Jul 24, 2014

Weeds need clearing to ensure it is safe for pedestrians

Sutton D13

Street light 2

22:55 Jul 24, 2014

Street light not working no 12 ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Street Lights - Faulty 1

21:25 Jul 24, 2014

Street lights (poles number 3 and number 5) are not working - bulbs appear to have burnt out. I would appreciate it if these lights can be fixed ASAP...



Manhole cover - College Road, Castleknock 0

21:19 Jul 24, 2014

There have been recent road maintenance works on College Road, Castleknock close to the traffic lights at Castleknock College entrance. These works are...

College Road, Castleknock

Cliff Subsidence R127 - High traffic road 2

19:54 Jul 24, 2014

Start of cliff subsidence on the R127 at the narrow part of the road on the left heading to Balbriggian just before off road to Barnageera Road/Railway...

skerries dublin