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Public lighting 2

07:52 Apr 25, 2016

Lamp number 12 on Grand Canal Quay is not working

Grand Canal Quay


Street lighting 2

07:49 Apr 25, 2016

Lamp number 21 on Seville Place is on during the daytime

Seville Place


Graffti and public lighting 2

07:47 Apr 25, 2016

I noticed there is graffiti on an ESB box and ESB pole near house number one and LED street lamp numbers 1 and 2 are not working

Greenlea Grove, Terenure, Dublin 6W

Street lighting 2

07:25 Apr 25, 2016

Lamp number 11A on Morehampton Road is not working

Morehampton Road


Street lighting 2

07:21 Apr 25, 2016

Lamp number 27A on Pembroke Road is not working

Pembroke Road


Air / Odour 0

05:50 Apr 25, 2016

Road signs on roundabout At. CLARINWOOD TRAMORE All been turned the wrong way around 3 weeks now. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Air/Odour

Ribh Road, Clarinwood, Tramore, Ireland

Street light not working 1

04:10 Apr 25, 2016

Hi, the street light behind my garden is not working since one and half months.My back garden is so dark and there's been reported that a few sheds this...



road repair needed 2

22:56 Apr 24, 2016

road surface under car wheels sinking and cars getting caught and damaged underneath.

caher louisburgh

Potholes 2

22:52 Apr 24, 2016

Clyard kilmaine many pot holes two tyres destroyed


Rat Investation and Illegal Dumping on Stocking Avenue 2

22:46 Apr 24, 2016

Stocking Avenue is turning into a dumping ground! That coupled with all of the local building works is leading to a serious rat problem in the area. If...

Stocking Avenue, Rathfarnham

Tough Walking on Earnan's Wood Entrance Pathway Due to Pestilent Plants 1

21:42 Apr 24, 2016

(Another quiet problem that has been troubling the estate for a long time...) When entering Earnan's Wood, I find it very difficult to stay on the path...

Earnan's Wood, Station Rd, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin

Litter on Pathway in Entrance to Earnan's Wood 1

21:14 Apr 24, 2016

On the pathway in the entrance to Earnan's Wood, which is on the right, there is very visible littering; I am not sure if this is caused by the flood...

Earnan's Wood, Station Rd, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin

Yellow lines needed 2

21:10 Apr 24, 2016

This part of Offaly Road is in dire need of parking restrictions. Cars are parked longterm without tax/insurance and obscure views at the junction for...


Oil leak all over footpath 3

21:10 Apr 24, 2016

Car has leaked oil all over the footpath on junction of Imaal Road and Offaly Road. Car continues to be parked on the footpath and continues to leak oil....


Broken lights 1

21:05 Apr 24, 2016

4 broken lights on the Kilmalogue Lawns part in Kilmalogue Park estate ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it...



Graffiti in Entrance to Earnan's Wood 1

20:56 Apr 24, 2016

When entering Earnan's Wood, to the left, there is graffiti. This is also not a recent report, this graffiti has been here for a long time but it was...

Earnan's Wood, Station Rd, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin


Shopping Trolleys in River 1

20:55 Apr 24, 2016

Hi I contacted Wicklow County Council already looking for advice on getting a number of shopping trolleys out of the river behind Glenbrook Woods,...


Dumping on the Powerstown Road 24/04/2016 1

20:31 Apr 24, 2016

Two large black bin bags full of rubbish dumped on the Powerstown road Please can you fix.

30-38 Curragh Hall Cres, Dublin, Ireland

Rubbished dumped at entrance to Balintree drive 1

20:31 Apr 24, 2016

Rubbish including Christmas decorations dumped at footpath entrance to Balintree Drive. Please fix

Boulevard Bealing Village, Dublin, Ireland