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Neighbour bringing cows up and down the road.. 2

16:53 Mar 23, 2015

Neighbour is bringing cows up and down the road and does not clean up after his cows and no one can walk up or down on the road because of his cows....

The neale ballinrobe co Mayo

Neighbour bringing cows up and down the road.. 2

16:51 Mar 23, 2015

Neighbour is bringing cows up and down the road and does not clean up after his cows and no one can walk up or down on the road because of his cows. Please...

The neale ballinrobe co Mayo

Dumping of garden waste on street 1

16:19 Mar 23, 2015

My tenant has told me about a neighbour of hers who has dug up his garden and is dumping the muck on top of the grass outside my house and all along the...

110A Pace Road, Littlepace, Clonee, Dublin 15

Pedestrian lights out of order 2

16:13 Mar 23, 2015

Pedestrian lights on Willsbrook Road adjacent to enterance to Willsbrook Park at Bewley Estate have not been working for over a week.

Willsbrook road

Street light not working 1

15:15 Mar 23, 2015

I wish to report a street lamp not working outside 62 Fortlawn park, blanchardstown, Dublin 15 it leaves the garden and outside house very dark. Post...

62 Fortlawn Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.


littered road. 2

15:12 Mar 23, 2015

Maplewood Ave is very badly littered for weeks now, especially in the middle of the Ave where large groups hang out is badly littered, to make matters...

Springfield, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Defects in road surface 0

14:38 Mar 23, 2015

The N54 Clones Road in Monaghan Town is in a very bad state of repair in the townland of Knockroe. This is just as you head out of Monaghan town between...

N54 Clones road from Monaghan town (townland of Knockroe)

Tree Cutting 1

14:25 Mar 23, 2015

I live in Chapel Lane, Swords. My back garden is close to a green area(Castle Avenue). There are a number of very tall trees on this green area which...

Green on Castle Avenue

Broken street Light 2

13:58 Mar 23, 2015

Hi, I would like to report a Broken street light outside of 1 Elm Lawn, Johnstown Wood, Navan. the Cover is hanging off, and it is a danger to pedestrians...

1 elm Lawn, navan


Mattress and Tiger dumped 2

13:05 Mar 23, 2015

A mattress and a large tiger (stuffed) have been dumped fairly close together but in separate incidents along Hutchinson's Strand.

Unnamed Road, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Littering at Bancroft Road 2

13:05 Mar 23, 2015

Rubbish dumped at the entrance to the 30 acres at bancroft road, please can it be cleared

Littering at Bancroft Road

Dumping of rubbish 0

13:04 Mar 23, 2015

Hi i live up a country lane, and there is an area by a private woodland that is constantly being used for dumping household waste, farm silage plastic...

Unnamed Road, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Dumped rubbish at Rutland Place North 2

13:04 Mar 23, 2015

Another day another dump. When will they put a camera there. It's disgusting and a health hazard.

Dumped rubbish at Rutland Place North

street light 1

13:03 Mar 23, 2015

300 meters up the R755 from roundabout at Kilmacanogue church towards Roundwood. th elarge street light has a intermittent fault, where it stays on for...

R755, kilmacanogue, co wicklow


broken street lights 1

12:48 Mar 23, 2015

a number of street lights on lanesborough drive do not work, lights numbered 63,64,65,66 should be checked please

lanesborough drive, finglas


street lights 1

12:40 Mar 23, 2015

street lights number 31 and 32 outside 51 and 55 Bremore Pastures Crescent are not working.

51 Bremore Pastures Crescent, Balbriggan


Street lamp not functioning. 1

12:22 Mar 23, 2015

Light at number 16 Main Road Tallaght not working for some time now.

16 main road


Damaged tree 1

12:13 Mar 23, 2015

A large branch from a tree at the end of Roncalli Road has fallen and is causing a dangerous hazard at the junction of Roncalli Road and Montini Road....

Roncalli Road, Bayside

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

12:10 Mar 23, 2015

Black refuse sack at junction between L7628 and R627 Midleton Tallow road. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

R627, Munster, Ireland

More bins burnt! 2

12:05 Mar 23, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, Only a few days after reporting a Black bin burning incident in Bancroft Park I am very sorry to report that a further 3 Green bins have...

Bancroft Park, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

12:00 Mar 23, 2015

This rubbish is located along the small coast road between Annagassan and Salterstown. There was also a torn black refuse bag with empty beer cans littered...

Coast Road, Leinster, Ireland

Huge potholes/Rubbish 0

11:18 Mar 23, 2015

Hi, there are huge potholes along the way that come up with every bigger rainfall/floods. Also there are some bags of rubbish along the road. Thanks.


Illegal Dumping Holywell Crescent South 1

11:04 Mar 23, 2015

Abandoned Panda bin full of rubbish dumped on road beside communal bin shed

holywell, Swords, County Dublin

Ridge in Road 2

10:57 Mar 23, 2015

Co. Council were working on this patch of road during the first week in March. A ridge about 18" wide has been left right across the road so cars have...


Huge potholes between mallow and kilvullen!!! 1

10:55 Mar 23, 2015

Please fill potholes btween mallow and rockforest please! ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Overgrown area requiring maintenance 0

10:13 Mar 23, 2015

Overgrown area at edge of green being used for (minor) antisocial behavior, the odd bit of dumping (generally cleaned up by locals) and is very overgrown....

Carriglea Downs

Street Light Out 0

10:10 Mar 23, 2015

Street light has been out (turning on and off) for sometime.

Corner Ardmore Park


Street Light out in Baldoyle 1

09:50 Mar 23, 2015

Street Light no 7 in Georgian Hamlet, Baldoyle, is out (at the end of the cul-de-sac.)

Baldoyle, Dublin 13


light not working 1

09:14 Mar 23, 2015

Street light not working.dun emer drive lusk.street light number 77



Fairview Park #2, D3. Reported from to 3

00:14 Mar 23, 2015

See photo. Bin is stuffed full. submitter suggests more or larger bins

Fairview Park #2, D3

Botanic Gardens, D9. Reported from to 2

23:50 Mar 22, 2015

See photo. 'persistently overflowing bin' says submitter

Botanic Gardens, D9

Grand Canal #2. Reported from to 2

23:23 Mar 22, 2015

See photo. Submitter says "Usual mess on the grand canal between yellow meadows and the ninth lock bridge.". any chance of cctv or something ? This...

Grand Canal #2.JPG

illegal dumping 1

22:30 Mar 22, 2015

A virtual skip load of rubbish has been dumped at Stocking vale on Stocking Avenue- it contains artifical xmas trees, lights, empty petrol cans, blow...

stocking vale stocking avenue rathfarnham

Street light failure 1

21:53 Mar 22, 2015

Street light has stopping working at top of mosney road

Mosney road Julianstown co meath


Street light failure 1

21:53 Mar 22, 2015

Street light has stopping working at top of mosney road

Mooney road Julianstown co meath


Street light failure 2

21:51 Mar 22, 2015

Street light has stopping working

Mooney road Julianstown co meath


illegal dumping 2

21:25 Mar 22, 2015

a family on glenshane green have dumped their sofa 3 days ago and now tonight their bed at the memorial wall in glenshane court its a continuing problem...

glenshane green brookfield dublin 24

Repair south link road asap!!its a disgrace and people will start sueing cork city council for damages or injuries caused by neglect of road 1

21:20 Mar 22, 2015

Repair south link road all 4 lanes!!legal action will occur v soon because of lack of maintainance and upkeep resonsible of cork city council!disgraceful...


Litter 1

21:15 Mar 22, 2015

The roads & paths around the whole of the Ravenswood Estate are absolutely filthy, full of litter ---- This report was originally submitted at


Litter 2

20:30 Mar 22, 2015

There is consistently road and kerbside litter and broken glass along a 700M stretch of from Lidl on Fortunestown Lane to Fortunestown Way as far as Russell...


Ruined abandoned house 2

20:25 Mar 22, 2015

There is a derelict and ruined single storey roofless house that has been derelict for decades and is covered in graffiti. It is both an eyesore and haven...



Faulty street light 2

20:23 Mar 22, 2015

Street light no 7 on Kilminchy avenue still faulty. Called it in on the mobile number previously

Kilminchy avenue, Portlaoise. Co. Laois


Dangerously loose pole 1

19:50 Mar 22, 2015

Pole on side of road dangerously loose. Wobbles from one side to the other depending on wind. ---- This report was originally submitted at



Large tree causing a number of issues 1

19:28 Mar 22, 2015

There is an inappropriately large tree outside my home which is causing serious issues in a number of ways. 1. It is damaging the pathways which have...

7 Drynam Court

pavement 1

18:36 Mar 22, 2015

Two sections of the payment beside the green are disintegrating - bad concrete I think. The deterioration is increasing. The green is used by children,...

rockfield green