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The Park Carrickmines - Purple Boundary Fencing 0

11:36 May 14, 2018

Graffiti sprawled over The Park Carrickmines purple boundary fencing adjacent to the Ballyogan Road. -- posted via

Near The Park Carrickmines - Boundary Fencing


Tree suckers blocking visibility 1

11:35 May 14, 2018

The trees along Ballyculllen Drive, adjacent to the Educate Together School have grown sucker branches from the bases and are obstructing the view of...

Near 53.278023073212,-6.3371295866709

Wall collapse 2

11:25 May 14, 2018

On Coast Rd. Malahide,entrance to Biscayne, the low wall bordering the green is crumbling and some stones are on footpath. -- posted via


Illegal referendum posters 0

11:20 May 14, 2018

There are referendum posters here that do not display the publishing information clearly. The print is miniscule. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.200841402422,-6.1109901885415

Pot holes 1

10:55 May 14, 2018

Union road, joining the Aughrim to Carnew road and the Carnew to Coollattin road, is full of pot holes. At least 10 were counted this weekend. Filling...

Near Between Aughrim/Carnew and Carnew/ Coollattin roads.

Referendum posters 1

10:55 May 14, 2018

Referendum posters placed along main street over weekend, way too low to ground over footpaths posing danger to children and pedestrians ---- This...

Near 52.674695128718,-6.2976424568039

Public Toilets - closed to public!?! 2

10:45 May 14, 2018

Can Fingal Co Co please open our public toilets for public use in line with other neighbouring towns opening hours - not just for summer months? The park...

Near Rush Harbour Playground and Park Area, Lower Main Street.

Rubbish 2

10:38 May 14, 2018

Mattresses old wood etc worried it's a place for rats to bed -- posted via mobile web

Near 123 Limekiln Green

Street lighting 1

10:25 May 14, 2018

Street light no 8 in Doonbeirne green Ballingarry co Limerick not working ,can you fix please ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 52.472924,-8.877412


Large and deep pothole 0

10:20 May 14, 2018

There's a large pothole and a few smaller ones that badly need repairing. Thanking you. ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 51.888681955761,-8.520553660845

Litter Collection 2

10:17 May 14, 2018

The litter has been picked on Minister's Road, Lusk, from the R132 up to the entrance of Dun Emer Avenue. There are numerous bin bags along this route...

Near lusk dublin

Illegal dumping 0

10:11 May 14, 2018

Rubbish left beside glass bottle collection at The Goat pub. -- posted via

Near Bottle bank The Goat Pub

8+ potholes 0

10:10 May 14, 2018

The Highfield lawn road is in very poor condition, with > 8 potholes of different size and depth. Previous repairs have fixed only some of them. Can you...

Near 51.887109,-8.518497

Street light not working 2

10:05 May 14, 2018

The streetlight outside my house is not working. the numbers on the light pole are BZ433 and 17. the address is 143 old county road crumlin Dublin 12...

Near 53.327759346945,-6.3031089040066


Litter 2

10:05 May 14, 2018

Poster on pole with no details of publisher or printer This is in contravention to Section 140 of the Electoral Act 1992 Please remove ---- This...

Near 53.183648,-6.807004

Street light 2

09:55 May 14, 2018

Hi, Street light number 16 is not working. Can you please arrange someone to check it please ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.597606,-6.181915


URGENT: Raised manhole cover 2

09:50 May 14, 2018

A manhole cover is raised above the road surface in the bus lane outside 97A Rathgar Road (Antica shop). I tried to push it down but it springs back up....

Near 53.312581,-6.273825

Overgrown branch of roadside tree 1

08:30 May 14, 2018

I wish to report 2 branches that are growing out from the base of the tree outside 93 hillcrest walk, the branches are seriously obstructing the view...

Near 53.35220998744,-6.4599761963498

Major Fly Tipping 1

08:25 May 14, 2018

On roadside outside halting site. Just before westbound slip road onto N4 from liffey valley. Large number of black bags. If these can be picked up soon...

Near 53.356117786327,-6.4038317588076

Paths in Warren cul-de-sac 1

08:13 May 14, 2018

Please see bad cracks in the path in The Warren cul-de-sac outside no 25 & 26. One place on the path has broken completely and could be a safety hazard....

Near The Warren, Malahide, Co. Dublin