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damage to kerb 2

21:10 Apr 26, 2015

The council were around to cut the grass on the verges opposite our house and damaged the kerb in 3 places.

johnsbridge park lucan

broken fence on Green Isle Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 2

20:35 Apr 26, 2015

There is a broken fence on the side of the Green Isle road, Clondalkin. From the Boot Rd exit down. It the fence needs repair or else fixing. It is in...

green isle road, clondalkin, dublin 22

Street Lighting Out Of Order 1

20:31 Apr 26, 2015

Street Lights At Hibernian Industrial Estate Are Not Working.

Hibernian Industrial Estate


Street Light On Day And Night 2

18:40 Apr 26, 2015

Lamp Post No.58 Is Constantly Lighting

Ballybough Road


Street Light On Day And Night 2

18:36 Apr 26, 2015

Lamp Post No.8 Is Constantly Lighting

College Street


Street Light On Day And Night 2

18:31 Apr 26, 2015

Lamp Post No.35 Is Constantly Lighting

City Quay


Street Light On Day And Night 2

18:24 Apr 26, 2015

Lamp Post No.1 Is Constantly Lighting

Mount Street Upper


tree on Rushbrook View 1

18:15 Apr 26, 2015

Tree outside 14\16 Rushbrook View needs trimming


Graffiti 2

17:25 Apr 26, 2015

Graffiti on a wall adjacent to an empty house on Russell Green.

Russell Green, Tallaght.


Streetlight broken. 1

17:24 Apr 26, 2015

streetlight not working on Russell Downs.

Russell Downs, Tallaght.


Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

16:40 Apr 26, 2015

Illegal dumping. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

1 Beaumont Cottages, Munster, Cork, Ireland

Anti Social behavior on Council Land Cannonbrook Park 2

16:34 Apr 26, 2015

There is a patch of land between the N4 and the estate that is used for by local youths for anti social behavior, littering, graffiti. Trees have been...

cannonbrook park

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

15:00 Apr 26, 2015

Fridge freezer dumped beside the road. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Sweeney's Hill, Munster, Ireland

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

13:30 Apr 26, 2015

Quays Blennerville. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Windmill Lane, Munster, Ireland

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

10:50 Apr 26, 2015

Bed dumped just across the entrance to Beaulieu House at the gate to the wood. Also, plastic items dumped in the ditch up a little further on the left...

Leinster, Leinster, Ireland

Street light not working 2

10:16 Apr 26, 2015

Light number 20. The Belfry, Navan Road, Duleek



Street light not working 1

23:05 Apr 25, 2015

Street light not working at Clifton Tce, Monkstown ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...



Removal of large ivy clump 1

22:44 Apr 25, 2015

Please remove large ivy clump growing on a electricity or telephone pole that is overhanging St.Fintan's Road near a sharp bend. It is a hazard to cars...

Dublin 13, Fingal County, St.Fintans Road

Street light not working 1

20:15 Apr 25, 2015

Hi. The street light between the old national school and the bungalow (pole number 23 ) is not working. Please can you get this repaired as soon as possible...



Illegal 'cash for cars' sign 3

20:14 Apr 25, 2015

Illegal 'cash for cars' sign

milltown, dublin

Littering - need a big belly bin Ashgrove Dun Laoghaire 1

19:24 Apr 25, 2015

Older style bins have been replaced by the Big Belly variety but in this location the old bin has been replaced and no Big Belly put in. One is needed...

Dun Laoghaire

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

18:50 Apr 25, 2015

I reported this second amount of dumping in Carrowbrowne Bog weeks ago. It is still here. I contacted the Galway county council on this issue, pointing...

Connacht, Connacht, Ireland

Poster 2

18:49 Apr 25, 2015

There is a poster advertising a fitness centre sitting on public/Council ground at the entrance to Ardeevin housing estate Lucan Please ask the Litter...

At the entrance to Ardeevin Housing Estate Lucan


Waste / Illegal Dumping 3

18:40 Apr 25, 2015

I reported this dumping in Carrowbrowne Bog weeks ago. It is still here. I contacted the Galway county council on this issue at the time pointing out...

Connacht, Connacht, Ireland

Markings on road 1

18:08 Apr 25, 2015

Residents asked can you please put markings on road outside rossberry estate so Tullyhall traffic can slow down and let residents from rossberry get in...

Rossberry estate Lucan co Dublin

Blocked Gully 2

18:00 Apr 25, 2015

Blocked gully outside Hugos restaurant Merrion Row D2 ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Flooding 1

17:55 Apr 25, 2015

Neilstown shops outside post office the car park floods when it rains people and children get soaked by traffic,thank you

Neilstown road clondalkin Dublin 22

Flooding 1

17:52 Apr 25, 2015

The corner across from foxdene avenue at the traffic lights on the fonthill road towards police station the shore is blocked and when it rains the people...

Fonthill road at traffic lights,foxdene balgaddy Lucan south?co Dublin

Graffiti 2

17:30 Apr 25, 2015

There is DRS graffiti on Parkhill road/redwood court, at the walkway onto the Belgard road and also on the wall facing the cuckoos nest pub on green hills...



street bulb blown 2

16:13 Apr 25, 2015

street light at 57 the cairns beaubec Drogheda co meath

57 the cairns


Blocked Gulleys 1

15:35 Apr 25, 2015

The 2 gulleys at the end of George's Avenue (on the Frascati Centre side), Blackrock are filled with tarmac and so the water can't drain anywhere. This...

Blackrock, Co Dublin

Path broken 1

15:15 Apr 25, 2015

A chunk of path is gone from the kerb outside 79 dromcarra avenue jobstown


Graffiti 1

14:45 Apr 25, 2015

Graffiti On ESB Box At Stillorgan Park Road Needs To Be Removed

Stillorgan Park Road


Graffiti 3

14:35 Apr 25, 2015

Graffiti On ESB Pole At Greenlea Road Beside Greenlea Drive Needs To Be Removed

Greenlea Road Terenure


Street Lighting 1

14:20 Apr 25, 2015

One Of The Footpath Lights Around Cloragh Mills Is Constantly Lighting

Edmonstown Road Beside Cloragh Mills


Street Light On Day And Night 1

12:26 Apr 25, 2015

Lamp Post No.4 Is Constantly Lighting

Nutgrove Way


Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

12:10 Apr 25, 2015

Outside no 643 again Untagged bag. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

625–643 South Circular Road, Inchicore, Dublin, Ireland

Drainage 1

11:28 Apr 25, 2015

Please ask the relevant drainage dept. to inspect the problem with the entrance to Chalet gardens off the old Lucan Rd. On the East side of the entrance...

East side of entrance to Chalet Gdns Lucan

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

11:10 Apr 25, 2015

Dumped household waste, low risk, 2 mattresses and about four black bags. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Munster, Munster, Ireland

Litter and Glass 2

10:51 Apr 25, 2015

Litter and glass on bridge in Vesey Park, Lucan. Reported before .. but nothing has been done about it yet.

Vesey Park, Lucan

dumping Ballina 2

10:45 Apr 25, 2015

Bag of refuse dumped in stream at Corcoran Tce. Ballina.It has been there for over a week!

Ballina Co mayo

Lights Broken 1

21:05 Apr 24, 2015

Seven of the eight lights on the large overhead lights on the N4 immediately outside of Woodville Green and placed on the sliproad from the N4 are not...



Road Bumps in bad state 2

20:55 Apr 24, 2015

The road bumps at this location are in a very bad state. Spa Road is one way so use this road to access the Tramyards Apartment Complex. the Road bumps...


Appalling road condition, kids being soaked 2

19:10 Apr 24, 2015

The Skerries Road in Rush, from Golden Ridge to Clifflands estate is in such poor condition, that I regularly see kids, on their way to and from school,...


Green Areas not maintained 1

16:55 Apr 24, 2015

Edges of Public green area and smaller council owned green spaces at Mount Symon Lawn not cut/mowed for last 2 rotations at edges. Contractor completes...

Mount Symon Lawn, Clonsilla

Cycle lane 1

16:50 Apr 24, 2015

The cycle lanes on the straffan road maynooth are in an appalling condition. I used to cycle these every morning to the train and have recently had to...


Speed bump Disintegrated 1

16:30 Apr 24, 2015

Speed bump is made of red brick-like material. It has badly disintegrated over time and needs to be repaired. ---- This report was originally submitted...


Cycle lanes 1

16:20 Apr 24, 2015

I use the R403 every day to cycle to work from Lucan to Celbridge. It is a very dangerous road for cyclists. Most cars pass in a safe manner but a small...


Bags of rubbish dumped 2

15:40 Apr 24, 2015

There are four/five plastic bags of rubbish dumped outside the ESB building on the Harold's Cross bridge. The contents are spilling out and becoming strewn...

ESB building, Harold's Cross bridge

Pot Holes in Grey's Lane, An Daingean 1

14:46 Apr 24, 2015

There are several pot holes as I drive up Grey's Lane and the surface is very uneven.

An Daingean