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Illegal signage 1

10:40 Jul 16, 2014

Illegal 'cash for cars' sign on rear of traffic sign ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Water Leak 3

09:40 Jul 16, 2014

There is a water leak coming from a crack in the ground between house number 11 and 10 Hillside View, Oola,Co.Limerick ---- This report was originally...


Street Light not working in Coolamber Park, Knocklyon` Dublin 16 1

09:02 Jul 16, 2014

The street light outside Nos 56 and 57 Coolamber Park is not working. Please arrange repair.

Coolamber Park, Knocklyon, Templeogue


Removal of Graffiti from Old Rathfarnham Castle Gate (opposite Texaco Petrol Station), Rathfarnham Village, Dublin 14 2

08:07 Jul 16, 2014

Removal of Graffiti from Old Rathfarnham Castle Gate, opposite Texaco Petrol Station, Rathfarnham Village, Dublin 14

Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin 14


Fix our road 2

08:04 Jul 16, 2014

Road full of potholes it's in a terrible state and has been for a number of years

Old tuam road monksland Athlone . Roscommon

Overgrown Tree structural damage 0

01:19 Jul 16, 2014

Tree outside 56 Fortlawn drive, Dublin 15 is causing the footpath to crack and push the paths upwards and someone will fall over the path

55-56 Fortlawn Drive, Blanchardstown dublin 15

Water Leak 2

22:55 Jul 15, 2014

Water still leaking to date from Arch way Thornfield Sq

Watery lane clondalkin

Tree stump left, growing branches again. 3

22:36 Jul 15, 2014

A tree stump not removed last year after falling off tree is growing branches at ground level outside 42/44 Maplewood Ave, Springfield, Tallaght, this...

Maplewood, Springfield, Tallaght

Dog fouling 1

22:30 Jul 15, 2014

Lots of dog fouling and littering in this area. Very unpleasant ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...


Glenlyon Housing estate 1

22:27 Jul 15, 2014

Hi are road signs are presently being painted thanks to an report filed on this site. Thank you for your prompt attention. Would it possible please...

Glenlyon Housing estate

Footpath overgrown 0

22:25 Jul 15, 2014

From the kinsale road accommodation centre down to the entrance of the Touchdown BusPark, the pedestrian footpath is completely overgrown and the cycle...


mattresses on cooldrinagh lane 2

22:15 Jul 15, 2014

there are two mattresses dumped on cooldrinagh lane, becketts hotel end of lane.

cooldrinagh lane, lucan


Dog litter 2

21:40 Jul 15, 2014

Cork street and surrounding streets are littered with dog foul and rubbish. Could you please address this. This is an ongoing issue and needs resolving...


Road surface 0

21:40 Jul 15, 2014

Inniskeen to blackstaff road in apaulling condition. Could you repair this asap ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...


Large depression in road 0

21:40 Jul 15, 2014

Repair works have sunk and a very large hole left. Very dangerous to cars. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


pothole in roadway 1

20:56 Jul 15, 2014

pot hole in roadway opposite 31 st davids terrace, ist layer of tarmacadam been worn away, approx 1 ft x 15 inches in size. footpath where esb poles...

32 st davids terrace

Green area out of control 1

20:26 Jul 15, 2014

Hi, Is there any chance you could tackle the overgrowth in the green field sections in Duncarraig, Sutton.

Duncarraig, Sutton.

Eliptical training machine 1

18:51 Jul 15, 2014

The eliptical exercise machine in Hermitage Park in Lucan is broken. One of the legs has snapped away.

Hermitage Park, Lucan

Street light continuously on 1

17:01 Jul 15, 2014

Street light on Delaford Drive staying on continuously day and night.

Delaford Drive, dfublin