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Newbridge - street lamp 1

11:36 Feb 19, 2015

Morristown Woods, The Meadows, Newbridge. The street lamp is not working and needs to be replaced. The lamp is out of service since late 2014

Morristown Woods, The Meadows, Newbridge


Waste / Illegal Dumping 3

09:50 Feb 19, 2015

2 unlabelled rubbish bags on pavement over a week already. Waste/IllegalDumping

40 Arran Quay, Smithfield, Dublin, Ireland

hazardous potholes 1

09:47 Feb 19, 2015

hazardous potholes on acute bend on road causing severe danger for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians (location shown on map)

crocksheeby, termonfeckin, co louth

dangerous pothole 1

09:42 Feb 19, 2015

very dangerous large pothole causing hazard for pedestrians and motorists alike (location marked on map)

at bohills of cartown (shown on map)

street lighting 1

09:16 Feb 19, 2015

the square listowel opposite aib 4 street lights blown since November 2014

listowel kerry


New trash dumped on Mary's Abbey Street 2

09:07 Feb 19, 2015

Even more trash dumped in the same spot as yesterday this morning.

mary's abbey

kennesfort road palmerstown, trees 1

09:04 Feb 19, 2015

The trees on this road were supposed to be replaced last year. There is no sign of this work. In addition, protection for these trees needs to be put...

kennelsfort road palmerstown

litter on Kennelsfort Road Palmerstown 2

08:58 Feb 19, 2015

There is extreme levels of litter outside of the Granite Pub, Supervalu, the Petrol Station and the Hardware cottage.

kennelsfort road palmerstown


Kennelsfort Road 2

08:56 Feb 19, 2015

Graffiti on side of a building in the industrial estate which looks terrible and faces out on to the main road.

kennelsfort road palmerstown


Sewerage problem on Church Street East 3

07:05 Feb 19, 2015

Hi, I'd like to report a problem with the sewerage pipe on Church Street East from houses 1-5. We have a shared sewer and occasionally it needs to be...


Red brick appearance ramps 1

23:18 Feb 18, 2015

The existing concrete brick effect ramps (2) are disintegrating and should be replaced by tarmacadam ramps. They are now a damaging hazard to vehicles....

Knocklyon Road outside creche/church

No lights 1

23:05 Feb 18, 2015

There are no lights from The Wood onto the Seskin road. The walk way was cleared which looked to connect the new cycle path in the Dodder. Getting off...



Overgrown trees 1

22:54 Feb 18, 2015

The tree is overgrown it needs to be pruned. Branch's have fallen onto the roof of our cars. The tree needs to be pruned as the branches are scraping...

17 Foxborough Drive, lucan

60k Speed Limit Signs 1

22:45 Feb 18, 2015

The 60k speed signs outbound on R403 adjacent to Weston Airport need to be cleaned or replaced as they are barely visible, especially in poor light....


Open/uncovered drain hole 3

22:23 Feb 18, 2015

by the roundabout that joins manor fields & latchford/castle grange in Clonee there is an uncovered drain hole is a big hazard

manor fields, Clonee

Tree maintenance 1

22:22 Feb 18, 2015

The tree is overgrown needs to be pruned. Branches have fallen onto the roof of our our cars. The trees need to be pruned as the branches are obstructing...

17 Foxborough Drive, Lucan

street lights 1

22:21 Feb 18, 2015

Light not working.location Allendale glen.pole no 27.thank you.

Allendale Glen Consilla Dublin 15


Debris in Cycle Lanes 1

22:01 Feb 18, 2015

Large quantity of gravel, glass and winter debris in the cycle lanes on both sides of road on Mountview Rd, and also on Hartstown Road. Could the cycle...

Cycle lanes on Mountview and Hartstown Roads, Dublin 15

Street light no. 28 broken in Bremore castle, Balbriggan 1

20:48 Feb 18, 2015

Street light no. 28 broken in Bremore Castle, Balbriggan

Bremore castle, Balbriggan, Co Dublin


Lighting 2

20:20 Feb 18, 2015

Public light outside no.9 Merville Avenue out for the past 10 days or so. Very dark corner beside garage gate. Extra lighting needed at end of avenue...



Five lights not working 0

20:05 Feb 18, 2015

The last five lights on College Road on the Marlay Park side close to the junction with Harold's Grange Road/Kellystown Road are not working and have...



Potholes on Warrington Place 2

20:00 Feb 18, 2015

Outside 16/17 Warrington Place, there is a large hole - approx 400x300x50 mm. The full layer of tarmac is gone and the concrete layer below is visible....


Rubbish dumped 3

19:15 Feb 18, 2015

Rubbish in a skip bag dumped on the L7377. Skip bag was then taken by somebody but rubbish left in ditch. Also 2 large pieces of wood left on the other...

L7377. Off blessington road

Hedge pruning 1

19:01 Feb 18, 2015

hedge along public pathway at side of 5 Rivervalley road in Swords needs to be trimmed


Hedge pruning 1

19:00 Feb 18, 2015

hedge along public pathway at side of 5 Rivervalley road in Swords needs to be trimmed


damaged road surface and pot holes 4

18:25 Feb 18, 2015

A 50 meter section of the L5079 (Ballyluskey lane , Ardcroney, Nenagh) has several potholes which are unavoidable as they cover both road edges. Repair...


Street lights out 2

18:19 Feb 18, 2015

Most of street lights out in Headfort Grove 3 nights

Headfort Grove


bins needed! 0

17:57 Feb 18, 2015

there are no rubbish bins from St. John's church, Castle Street, Tralee all the way up to the Clash roundabout! Is it any wonder there is a litter problem!!...


Leinster St, D2. Reported from to 1

17:51 Feb 18, 2015

See photo. Here for over 1 week. Prime central zone - Nassau St

Leinster St, D2

Waste / Illegal Dumping 0

17:50 Feb 18, 2015

Christmas tree added to the piles of burnt rubbish..

12 Dunedin TerraceDublinIreland

Waste / Illegal Dumping 0

17:40 Feb 18, 2015

More dumping today ?. #Waste/IllegalDumping

19 Abbot's Close, Munster, Dungarvan, Ireland

Street Light Not Working 1

17:08 Feb 18, 2015

Priory Way Manor Grove Terenure Dublin 12. Street Light No.3 Not Working.

Priory Way Manor Grove Terenure Dublin 12


Wall Knocked Down 2

16:58 Feb 18, 2015

The wall at the bottom of Riversdale Ave, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 has been vandalised and knocked down. This wall separates the bottom of Riversdale Ave...

Riversdale Ave, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Road or pavement obstruction at Emmet Road 2

16:50 Feb 18, 2015

Kilmainham cross cars parking on footpath at pedestrian crossing this happens every evening and is a danger to pedestrians

Road or pavement obstruction at Emmet Road

overhanging tree 1

16:50 Feb 18, 2015

tree was revieewd last year by FCC and reported back by them as not an issue- it is very much still an issue and gets worse each year as the tree grows...

2-4 Birchdale Drive, Swords, Co. Dublin

glass dumped 1

16:23 Feb 18, 2015

A bag with glass dumped between sheepmoor lawn and avenue, some of the glass on the road

sheepmoor lawn blakestown

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

15:30 Feb 18, 2015

Several fly tipped bags at Ballybrasil, Cobh. Consistent problem. Some half burnt.. Waste/IllegalDumping

Chestnut Mews, Munster, Cobh, Ireland

Laurel Lodge Rubbish 1

15:28 Feb 18, 2015

There is lots of rubbish on the grass verge between Castleknock Vale and the shops in Laurel Lodge, adjacent to the main Laurel Lodge Road. Bags of...


fallen down Yield sign 2

14:50 Feb 18, 2015

a yield sign has fallen over causing a danger to traffic approaching the junction.

Hamlet Lane

Lighting at junction at Oval Palmerstown 2

14:41 Feb 18, 2015

The large street lights – grey are rusted and lean sideways as if they are going to fall over. This needs to be corrected. Also, information pools...


Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

14:30 Feb 18, 2015

Heavily littered roadside, approaching bundle of sticks roundabout Naas bound.. #Waste/IllegalDumping

R445, Leinster, Ireland

Broken glass bottles and bags of rubbish 1

13:28 Feb 18, 2015

Lane-way is full of broken glass, bags of rubbish, packaging from food etc... Children go to school trought all that every morning. Its dangerous and...

Castleknock Laurels

Graffiti 1

12:56 Feb 18, 2015

Graffiti on walls at entrance to train station

Drogheda train station


littering 1

12:55 Feb 18, 2015

Black bags dumped among bushes opposite calvary cemetery on Bryanstown cross route

Bryanstown cross route Drogheda Co Louth

Potholes and road surface destroyed!! 2

12:25 Feb 18, 2015

Please fill or repair this road please urgently ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Tree removal in Hermitage, Rathfarnham 1

10:24 Feb 18, 2015

Trees have been removed from Hermitage Park in Rathfarnham as the roots were causing damage to the footpaths. Are there any plans to remove more tress...

Hermitage Park, Rathfarnham

Drainage 3

10:24 Feb 18, 2015

Drains down Convent Road Roscommon Town have not been emptied in last 2-3 years and hence most of them are fully blocked!

Convent Court Convent Road Roscommon Town

large pothloe 1

09:51 Feb 18, 2015

very large pothole causing extreme danger to pedestrians and motorists alike

cartown termonfeckin

dangerous potholes 1

09:48 Feb 18, 2015

multiple large potholes presenting extreme hazards to pedestrians and motorists alike

beaulieu cross - L6327