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Pothole 1

18:15 Dec 22, 2014

Hi, you recently filled a number of potholes but there are a number of others opening. We would appreciate if you could fill them please. ---- This report...


Painting of ramps 2

17:57 Dec 22, 2014

Hi Monastery Gate Avenue here, just wondering can the ramps be re painted in our Estate please Cheers

Monastery Gate Avenue, Clondalkin, D22

pothole 1

17:25 Dec 22, 2014

pothole on pedestrian crossing at Fairies cross, on the medical centre side of road.


Road signs spinning in wind 2

15:51 Dec 22, 2014

Beside bus shelter, the pole of the road sign for the tourist office is spinning freely in the wind. It's at head height and can pick up quite a bit...

Beside bus shelter, Carlingford, Co. Louth

Fly-tipping at Killinane/Baronsland 1

15:06 Dec 22, 2014

This seems to be a favourite dumping spot for computer monitors, microwave ovens and other rubbish. The latest addition is a bath!


Old vehicles being dumped beside lake 0

14:53 Dec 22, 2014

If you leave Blessington towards dublin on n81, take right down red lane, at bottom go left for Manor Kilbride and then take immediate right down cul...

manor kilbride road, at Bottom of red lane, near blessington

badly degraded road surface Con Colbert Rd 1

13:56 Dec 22, 2014

The road surface on Con Colbert Road between SCR and Memorial road is badly degraded and uneven particularly bad on the east bound side of the road.

Con Colbert Road, east bound

Broken street light 1

13:25 Dec 22, 2014

Street light not working at pedestrian entrance from Cherry Lawns to Tesco's. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...



missing traffic bollard 2

12:53 Dec 22, 2014

Traffic bollard missing from traffic lights on Con Colbert Road, Memorial rd junction. The bollard is missing from the central reservation

Con Colbert, eastern side of junct with Memorial rd


4 untagged black bags 2

12:50 Dec 22, 2014

4 bags in usual spot Marys Abbey

Marys abbey along railings

street lighting 1

11:45 Dec 22, 2014

street lighting pole number 25 not working on st fintans rd; sutton d 13 current position on rd; poles numbers 24 & 25 out of service will these out...

st fintans rd; sutton d 13


Street Light - Rathfarnham 1

10:53 Dec 22, 2014

The Street Light - outside 16 Anne Devlin Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 is not working.



Street surface 2

10:53 Dec 22, 2014

At the top of Bantry road down from griffith ave the street was cut to allow pipe/cable cross the road along time ago. The trench wasnt filled in level...

bantry road drumcondra dublin 9

Street Light - Castleknock 1

10:51 Dec 22, 2014

There is a street light out on the Castleknock Road outside 26 Parkview (section of road between entrance to Park View and Chesterfield. As the road faces...

Castleknock Road


Posters blocking view for drivers 1

09:01 Dec 22, 2014

A number of times in the past weeks, there have been posters erected on the island as you exit to the roundabout from the Forte Lynne shopping complex....

Exiting from Forte Lynne Retail Park, Letterkenny

White's Road Dublin 15 1

08:50 Dec 22, 2014

Thank you for fixing the street lights. However, the light at the pedestrian gate between white's road and Georgian Village is still not working and this...

Pedestrian Gate between White's Road & Georgian Village


Public lighting 1

08:50 Dec 22, 2014

Light on Pole No 2 out of order. Also Pole No 15 ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...



Light broken applewood ave 1

07:04 Dec 22, 2014

Light no 19 in Applewood Ave is broken again,it was only repaired a few weeks ago

Applewood Avenue, Ireland


dumping Ballina 2

02:05 Dec 22, 2014

Black bags dumped in lane at lower Pearse St beside an unemptied yellow bin.The abandoned bin and refuse needs to be removed from lane.

Ballina Co mayo

Several large pot holes on Church Avenue 1

23:50 Dec 21, 2014

Several large pot holes have appeared on Church Avenue opposite Drumcondra National School - likely as a result of the construction work going on at the...