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Street Lighting 1

20:50 Jan 27, 2014

Light not working on pole number 4 outside house number 20 Kilakee Drive, Greenpark, Walkinstown, Dublin 12.

Walkinstown, Dublin 12


Two street lights not working 1

19:42 Jan 27, 2014

Light numbers 36 and 38 not working on lower dodder road -- near the junction with orwell road ---- This report was originally submitted at



Sweeping inside the Wicket gate Sarsfield Road, 2

17:02 Jan 27, 2014

For some reason the wonderful cleaners who sweep our streets never go inside the wicket gate at the end of North Terrace on Sarsfield Road. Never. For...

8-22 Inchicore Terrace North, Kilmainham, Dublin

Potholes and Verges on Harristown Lane 2

16:57 Jan 27, 2014

There are significant potholes that were filled last year and have emerged again. This is a temporary fix and a section of the lane needs to be resurfaced...

R122, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Abandoned Car 1

15:53 Jan 27, 2014

Hi, An abandoned car has been left on Clonard Park, Dundrum, Dubiln 16. It's been there for a few years now; would it be possible to have it recycled?...


road flooded 2

15:00 Jan 27, 2014

road flooded almost impassable

Raheendoran, Co. Carlow, Ireland

Dangerous road and pavement. 1

14:42 Jan 27, 2014

I am writing to complain about the constant flow of water onto the pavement and road at the base of the hill to Esker Lawns, Beech Park and Lucan Heights....

2 Brookvale, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Street sign at Dawson Street 2

14:22 Jan 27, 2014

Street sign of pole and on ground.

Street sign at Dawson Street

Dog Fouling 0

14:21 Jan 27, 2014

Hello - the amount of dog fouling along O'callaghan strand, Clancy strand and the 3 bridges has increased significantly in the past 3-4 months. Apart...


Grass reclaiming footpath 2

13:05 Jan 27, 2014

Oooops!! I had the indicator at the wrong place in the original posting. The footpath in Bancroft Park is being reclaimed by grass overspilling from...


Street light not working 2

13:00 Jan 27, 2014

As per FYS report 16801 (Dec. 31), pole no. 1 on Ballycullen Avenue is still not working (no. 2 was reported later and now fixed). As this is beside...

Firhouse - Ballycullen Avenue


Grass reclaiming footpath 2

12:58 Jan 27, 2014

The footpath in Bancroft Park is being reclaimed by grass overspilling from the playing and other grassed areas. A typical example is along the kerb of...


Litter in Bancroft Park - No. 111 2

12:33 Jan 27, 2014

There is debris in the Poddle River between Greenhills Road and the first stone bridge. This includes a large cable reel which is big enough to block...


Drain appears to be blocked. 2

12:27 Jan 27, 2014

I noticed as I drove to work this morning that a drain, located roughly at the location shown on map on the L6032, appears to be blocked with water spilling...

on the L6032 prior to the junction with the R120

R132 Swords Road at Omni Park surface 2

12:18 Jan 27, 2014

R132 Swords road outside the Omni Park shopping centre needs resurfacing. There is a gap here for a hundred metres or so between two sections that were...

Swords road, dublin

Street Light not working 1

12:15 Jan 27, 2014

Street Light Pole number 40 on the South Douglas Road facing Ashdale Park is not working.

Facing Ashdale Park on the South douglas Road cork


Open Manhole Cover 2

12:13 Jan 27, 2014

The manhole cover and cement securing the frame has been moved to one side exposing drain ,It is located on the opposite side of the road to number 2Ard...

Old Bawn, Tallaght

Bulb gone on St Peters crescent! walkinstown! 1

12:03 Jan 27, 2014

Bulb gone on St Peters crescent! walkinstown! Dublin 12. Pole No. 5

St Peters crescent, Walkinstown