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Fly tipping in stardust memorial park 2

17:45 Jul 19, 2014

Shopping Trolly & bicycle in river. Household waste dumped into park, bags ripped and contents spread through park. ---- This report was originally submitted...


Street Light not working 1

16:11 Jul 19, 2014

The street light as detailed below is not working: Address: Newtown Court, Maynooth. Pole No.: 20

Outside house numbers 68&69, Newtown Court


bocking of public footpath 1

14:29 Jul 19, 2014

The public footpath outside 4 Oatfield Drive is completely blocked with a collection of builders bags of sand gravel and other materials and has been...

4 oatfield drive clondalkin dublin 22

Street lighting 1

14:09 Jul 19, 2014

Non-working street light at Grotto in Tallow Co Waterford

Tallow Co Waterford


Sunken stop cock 0

13:53 Jul 19, 2014

Hello, Sometime last year FCC repaired a leaking water supply valve on the footpath outside my house by fitting a new valve (stop cock). Everything...

10 Townparks, Skerries, Co Dublin

Gormanston Beach Entrance Railway Road entrance 1

13:32 Jul 19, 2014

Dreadful condition on entrance to Beach, potholes everywhere on entrance


Overgrown weeds on path from bus stop opposite Corduff Crescent to Snugborough Road (Dublin 15) 0

13:20 Jul 19, 2014

Hi - would it be possible to have overgrown weeds on path cut back ? At night, it can feel unsafe along this path when coming from the bus stop. Thank...

Snugborough Road, Dublin 15

Mt. Gandon Hill, Lucan village 1

13:01 Jul 19, 2014

As the trees on this hill are hugely overgrown, all of the lights are completely blocked, making it near impossible to walk up at night. The path is barely...

mt gandon hill, lucan

builders rubble on beach 1

03:00 Jul 19, 2014

A house on the South Beach near the Rogerstown end has dumped building rubble on the beach, This is dangerous because it has been covered over with sand...

south beach rush co dublin (near the rogerstown end)

Scattered Rubbish 2

19:20 Jul 18, 2014

Seagulls have pulled apart rubbish bags and street is strewn with rubbish. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


Footpath obstructed by vehicles 1

19:00 Jul 18, 2014

Footpath constantly blocked by vehicles day & night. Pedestrians forced onto the busy road regularly. The footpath is in a very bad state of repair and...

Newcastle Road Lower between Ashgrove Road and University Road

dumped car 3

17:20 Jul 18, 2014

There is a dumped car parked outside 19 Ellesmere avenue. It has been there 4 weeks. No tax or insurance. It has been reported to us that the owner has...

19 ellesmere avenue, dublin 7

dog littering in charnwood estate 0

16:56 Jul 18, 2014

I try to keep the area outside my house tidy and neat but each day dog owners are permitting their dogs deposit their waste on the grass verges. I cut...

charnwood gardens / main road through charnwood estate

Road surface all dug up on the left 2

16:10 Jul 18, 2014

The road is all dug up on the left as you are travelling to louisburgh from leenane it make you drive on the right its like this a long time can mayo...


Persistent potholes 2

16:00 Jul 18, 2014

This spot is at the crest of a hill and a narrowing of the road. Potholes appear here several times a year. If the road was properly built there should...


Under bridge on dunmurry road kildare town 1

15:55 Jul 18, 2014

Lots of litter gathered over weeks at the bridge on Dunmurry Road and around the corner to Fairgreen Road. . general area in a very poor state also open...


Very bad bump in the road 2

15:55 Jul 18, 2014

There is a bad bump in the road at the location on the map it lifts the car or motor bike off the road its like a small speed ramp can mayo coco fix this...


Bad dip in the road 2

15:50 Jul 18, 2014

There is a very bad dip in the road outside my home its causing cars to hit there sumps and the local people drive on the other side witch is very dangerous...


Major graffiti 2

15:45 Jul 18, 2014

Large amount of graffiti sprayed on walls sign posts and utility boxes all along Grange Road from St Enda's GAA Club and St. Enda's Park during night...