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Crosswalk 2

14:30 Apr 30, 2015

No crosswalk over Greenore Omeath Rd at the recently renovated Station House. With a bus stop on either side of the road and many elderly people using...


Waste / Illegal Dumping 0

14:30 Apr 30, 2015

Scenic view at car park near Hanora's Cottage just out from Clonmel. It's a dump, spoiled by fly tippers..

Munster, Munster, Ireland

Litter? 2

14:20 Apr 30, 2015

Is using the lane off Newry St next to Taaffes Castle Pub for storage of empty kegs and bottles etc litter? It is for public access not storage of waste....


Pot Hole 1

14:15 Apr 30, 2015

Pot hole and subsidence in Newry St outside Garda Station. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Kerbs 1

14:11 Apr 30, 2015

A couple of kerbs have come loose in Kennington Close, Templeogue. These kerbs are now on the road, causing a danger to cars. The location is accross...

Across from 17 Kennington Close, Templeoge

Illegal dump 2

12:50 Apr 30, 2015

A large black plastic bin filled with rotting rubbish has been abandoned on the corner of Synge Street and St Kevin's Cottages, D8. Unsightly vermin risk....


spouting water burst pipe 2

11:40 Apr 30, 2015

Spouting water from possible burst pipe, in site beside me. Barnwell hansfield Dublin 15

Dublin 15 Ongar

Dumped rubbish at Hutchinsons Strand 3

10:37 Apr 30, 2015

Beached mattress on Hutchinson's Strand needs to be removed.

Dumped rubbish at Hutchinsons Strand

Dumped rubbish at Hutchinsons Strand 0

10:37 Apr 30, 2015

Mattress abandoned on edge of Broadmeadow Estuary

Dumped rubbish at Hutchinsons Strand

Abandoned Car 1

10:36 Apr 30, 2015

00-D-50094 Renault Laguna abandoned in Hazelcourt, Castlelake, Carrigtwohill, Co Cork. Has been unmoved for weeks with a few flat tyres.

60 Main Street, Co. Cork, Ireland

Potholes 2

10:35 Apr 30, 2015

There are a number of potholes on Grantham Place near the junction with South Circular Road. ---- This report was originally submitted at


Bushes blocking path at the turn to Kindlestown Park 1

09:36 Apr 30, 2015

The path is blocked by bushes on the right as you turn into Kindlestown Park. The sign for Kindlestown Park can bearly be seen.


Yellow Box Needed Outside Grattan Park 1

09:33 Apr 30, 2015

Because there are two sets of traffic lights close together, people driving from Bray toward Kilcoole often get a green light just at the entrance to...

grattan park

Street Light at Russell Downs, Russell Square, Tallaght, Dublin 24 1

09:07 Apr 30, 2015

Street light at Russell Downs, Russell Sq., Tallaght, Dublin 24 (opposite No. 12 to be specific) not working. Please help us to fix it for at nights it...



Street light 1

23:42 Apr 29, 2015

Street light not working on Russell downs tallaght. It's number is 3. Hope it can be soon.

Tallaght, dublin


Light not working 1

23:10 Apr 29, 2015

Pole no.58 is directly outside 9 Thornleigh Place - The streetlight is not working - very dark in this area - please repair ASAP - thank you ---- This...



Grass cutting/ Grass protection 1

21:09 Apr 29, 2015

The grass between fforster pk and fforster lawn is disgracefully high. The tractor did cut the grass in area today but cant get around the small trees...

Fforster Park ,Ballydowd Manor.

Street Light On Day And Night 1

20:11 Apr 29, 2015

Lamp Post No.9 Is Constantly Lighting

Main Street Tallaght


referendum poster at face level 3

18:59 Apr 29, 2015

There is a referendum poster at face level on the narrow path on south richmond st outside no 53

south richmond street, dublin

Dangerious Shore 1

17:41 Apr 29, 2015

On a Number of Occasions over the years the children on the road have come off their bikes at this shore. It has dropped and is now causing a problem...

20 Beaverstown Orchard, Donabate

Flytipping 2

16:50 Apr 29, 2015

More rubbish dumped last night ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Street Lighting Upgrade 2

16:45 Apr 29, 2015

The Street Lights At Lakelands Park Need To Be Upgraded

Lakelands Park Terenure


Trees need tied to posts 1

16:42 Apr 29, 2015

the trees in the green area of Forge Park are being damaged by local kids. Some have been pulled away from the supporting posts & others are damaged....


Graffiti 2

16:10 Apr 29, 2015

Graffiti On ESB Box And On ESB Pole At Greenlea Grove Outside House 3/4 Needs To Be Removed

Greenlea Grove Terenure


Graffiti 3

16:03 Apr 29, 2015

Graffiti On ESB Pole At College Drive Outside House 34/36 Needs To Be Removed

College Drive Templeogue


Graffiti 2

15:51 Apr 29, 2015

Graffiti On ESB Pole At Greenlea Road Beside Greenlea Park Needs To Be Removed

Greenlea Road Terenure


Unnecessary Traffic Barrier 2

15:47 Apr 29, 2015

Metal barrier built for no clear reason, and against all recent good practice - should be removed

dundrum, dublin

defects in new surfacing 2

15:40 Apr 29, 2015

Cycle track defects approx 1 year after surfacing!

dublin 8

Grass needs to be cut 1

15:40 Apr 29, 2015

The grass on this whole stretch of R138[ old N4 ] needs to be cut as does the embankment in your left from On the Run garage down to Applegreen garage...


Ely Place Dublin 2 2

15:37 Apr 29, 2015

Terrible road condition for cyclists

dublin 2

Broken bollards on grass verges 1

15:35 Apr 29, 2015

There are unsightly broken bollards on the grass verges opposite the Silver Granite Pub on Wheatfield Road . Can you dispose of these bollards or reinstate...


missing seat 0

15:27 Apr 29, 2015

Beautiful marble seat now missing over 1 year from Poolbeg Lighthouse!?

dublin 2

Cycle Track Defect 2

15:19 Apr 29, 2015

Major subsidence in Canal Cycle Path - now over 2 weeks with barriers around it!....unrepaired

dublin 8

Traffic lights 2

14:27 Apr 29, 2015

Pedestrian traffic lights out at entrance to Castlesize estate

Sallins village at entrance to Castlesize estate

overflowing dog litter bin 1

14:00 Apr 29, 2015

The bin for dog poo on Laurel lodge green in castleknock is overflowing and people are continuing to dump their poo bags

Laurel Lodge, Castleknock, Dublin 15

Road damaged 1

13:24 Apr 29, 2015

Hi, Craddockstown Road, Naas, Kildare - the stretch of road from the Ballycane lights to the Craddockstown Road School - the road is quite damaged from...

Naas, kildare

roadside hedging and brambles 2

12:59 Apr 29, 2015

The Kilnageer Balcarra road needs to be cut, the brambles are causing damage to cars and it is very hard to see cars coming around corners

Kilnageer Balcarra Castlebar Co Mayo

Tyres in ditch 2

12:35 Apr 29, 2015

There are tyres and other rubbish dumped in the left hand ditch as you travel for the naul ---- This report was originally submitted at


European election poster 4

12:15 Apr 29, 2015

Election poster still in place from last years European election. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...


road potholes 1

12:08 Apr 29, 2015

pot holes on roads in Fairfield and bryanmore mount temple moate co. westmeath

fairfield and bryanmore mount temple

Cleanup 2

11:27 Apr 29, 2015

we have completed a clean-up here we have "Cuttings" and mainly recyclable materials awaiting removal Outside No.1 Knockfield Manor, Knocklyon Road D.16

Knockfield Manor

Pothole 2

11:22 Apr 29, 2015

There is a large pothole on Knocklyon Road, since the gas explosion outside the garage, on 19th April. When will this be fixed?

Knocklyon Road

Cleansing 1

11:19 Apr 29, 2015

I would like to report a dead fox on the path on Mount Anville Road. I saw it last night when I was walking up the hill and it is still there this morning....

Mount Anville Road

Fly Tipping 2

11:15 Apr 29, 2015

Hi, there has been fly tipping of material (building material) at Camac Close Incicore Dublin 8. It is in a lane down by the CAMAC River. ---- This report...


Public Lighting 1

11:15 Apr 29, 2015

I would like to report that the Light in the Lane between 12 and 14 Inbhir Ide Close, Malahide has failed/broken for the past week. I would appreciate...

Inbhir Ide Close


Grass cutting 2

11:15 Apr 29, 2015

Pls cut grass at entry to Edwards Court / Edmondstown Green, Rathfarnham. Dublin 16 Has not been cut for months.

Edmondstown green rathfarnham Dublin

Footpath Repairs 2

11:11 Apr 29, 2015

I wish to report the poor state of the footpaths on Yellow Walls Road in Malahide. Each school day - weather permitting - my wife or I take our older...

Yellow Walls Road