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Hedge trimming 1

14:25 Sep 01, 2014

Would it be possible for the council to trim the hedge rows along the diswellstown road in castleknock on the Luttrellstown Avenue side? They haven't...

Diswellstown Road Castleknock

Broken streetlight 2

13:55 Sep 01, 2014

The Street light outside nos 25-27, Newbridge Avenue is broken ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...



Street Light not working 1

13:35 Sep 01, 2014

Street Light Number 10 on Millbridge Avenue is not working. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...



Damaged road 1

13:15 Sep 01, 2014

Bus stop lettering eroded away concrete beneath. especially dangerous as cyclists have to avoid and swerve into traffic ---- This report was originally...


Street Lighting For Attention. 1

12:54 Sep 01, 2014

Street light not working on pole 12 at Quay Rd Rush.

Quay Rd Rush


Rubbish dumped 3

12:15 Sep 01, 2014

Large items of rubbish have been dumped at the end of lane. The lane also has a large build up of dirt and silt ---- This report was originally submitted...


road marking 2

10:29 Sep 01, 2014

Hi the white line on lower pembroke st Needs repainting It will prevent traffic from Baggott st. And Merrion row crashing in to each other at that junction

dublin 2

Footpath Broken 1

10:26 Sep 01, 2014

Some footpaths on Watermill Close in Old Bawn are broken causing damage to car tyres entering houses or turning. Some were broken as a result of recent...

Old Bawn, Tallaght

Avondale Street Light Broken 1

10:24 Sep 01, 2014

Street light at 1040/1041 broken and needs to be repaired. Extremely dark. Cul de sac

1040 / 1041 Avondale Leixlip Co Kildare


Street Light 1

10:21 Sep 01, 2014

Can you please fix the street light. Between 1040 & 1041 Avondale Leixlip Co Kildare

1040 / 1041 Avondale Leixlip Co Kildare


Dangerous Tree Branch 2

10:20 Sep 01, 2014

Hi, There is a dangerous branch hanging off a tree in the small park in Georgian Village, Castleknock where kids play and could potentially fall down...

Georgian Village, Castleknock

Obstruction on road 1

08:50 Sep 01, 2014

On Friday August 29 and again this morning, September 1, cones were placed, with no signage on approach to warn of the obstruction, on the roadway outside...


ROADSIDE/Pathway Subsidence 3

06:21 Sep 01, 2014

Just a few lines to inform you of potential litigation outside said premise,s/house, the road seem to be subsiding causing the pathway to crack/break...

45 The Heights,melrose park,kinsealy,swords,co.dublin

Dead tree Old Bawn 1

19:05 Aug 31, 2014

A tree has died in Green area on watermeadow Park. It's close to houses, footpaths, and esb box. Can you cut it down Thanks ---- This report was originally...


Richmond St Nth, D1. Reported from to 2

18:17 Aug 31, 2014

See photo. This dumping spot has been in operation for years now, direcrlty opposite a school :-(

Richmod Ave, D3.jpg-large

Broken glass Woodford Garth 1

14:30 Aug 31, 2014

There is a lot of broken glass at the kerb, in the grass and along the path at the entrance to Woodford Garth which is a hazard

Woodford Garth Clondalkin

Trees overgrown at Collins Avenue Depot 2

14:10 Aug 31, 2014

I am reporting this on behalf of my Grandmother. Her back Garden is backing onto Collins avenue depot. The Trees in the depot are blocking her sunlight...

Collins avenue depot whitehall

Household waste dumped 2

12:55 Aug 31, 2014

Hi there, This has become very common at the entrance to the park on Ravensdale Park. This morning I took a photocopy of a passport from the most recent...