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Laneway light out 1

07:39 Mar 23, 2018

Light closest to Palmerstown Drive out on laneway opposite Topaz garage. Many commuters walk home through this lane after getting off the bus at Topaz....

Near Lane off Palmerstown Drive, Palmerstown


Dumping 2

07:00 Mar 23, 2018

Fly tipped rubbish blocking road and drain. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...

Near 53.343736263268,-9.0196044953202

Pothole in the junction 2

06:45 Mar 23, 2018

There is a quickly erroding pothole in the junction of Brookfield road South Circular road. It is in the left lane at the very beginning of Brookfield...

Near 53.338687685435,-6.2998023606072

Pothole in the junction 1

06:35 Mar 23, 2018

There is a pothole in the junction of Blanchardstown South road and Mountview road. It is at the very beginning of Mountview road in the left lane turning...

Near 53.390081569073,-6.4004671871377

Graffiti on school wall on Grattan Crescent/ Sarsfield Rd 1

00:52 Mar 23, 2018

Hello, Can you remove the graffiti on the school wall at the corner of Grafton Crescent and Sarsfield Road in Inchicore please? Just at the traffic...

Near Sarsfield Road


Graffiti on Electricity box on Inchicore Road 1

00:33 Mar 23, 2018

Hello, There is graffiti on a electricity box outside the Revenue Commissioners/ Colbert House on Inchicore Road in Kilmainham just before the lights...

Near Inchicore Road


Potholes for cyclists 1

00:25 Mar 23, 2018

Cycling to the airport is unsafe due to poor road edging with holes 20cm deep as considerable amounts of heavy commercial traffic passe ---- This...

Near 53.417838290191,-6.2444332596944

Edge of path 1

00:18 Mar 23, 2018

I Have already reported this on the phone but it still hasn't been resolved. Last July when all the paths were been re done in our estate they never finished...

Near 20 woodville grove lucan

Poorly fitted cast iron manhole 2

00:15 Mar 23, 2018

In the bus lane heading away from town directly opposite the hampton hotel which is an issue for bicycles ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.326047,-6.242317

Street Light no. 77 Beverton Rise not working 1

22:50 Mar 22, 2018

Street Light no. 77 Beverton Rise not working. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...

Near 53.490270648583,-6.1513962598263


Street light not working 1

22:50 Mar 22, 2018

Elmbrook Avenue 3 street lights in a row not working including the one outside no 11 ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.352283,-6.431974


Crater in road 1

22:45 Mar 22, 2018

Large hole in road, this has been reported and repaired before but very badly repaired. Needs to be repaired correctly before someone bursts a wheel or...

Near 53.406743243661,-6.4113966856779

Collapsed manhole 2

22:30 Mar 22, 2018

The manhole cover is collapsing creating a trip hazard ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...

Near 53.321931672476,-6.2793480157005

Street light not working Clonuske Close light number 37 0

21:59 Mar 22, 2018

Street light number 37 not working -- posted via mobile web

Near Clonuske Close, hamlet lane, balbriggan.


Pothole cluster 2

21:35 Mar 22, 2018

There are a series of recently formed large potholes along the left lane heading toward Lumville Cross on the R413. Located roughly midway between the...

Near 53.153668276108,-6.811828996658

Grass Cutting/Maintenance 3

21:27 Mar 22, 2018

Hello I live in Balrothery Court Balbriggan, the estate has twelve houses, and was completed around 1994/5. To date Fingal CC has not cut the grass...

Near Balbriggan

Dumped washing machine 1

21:15 Mar 22, 2018

A few weeks ago i noticed a washing machine dumped in the stream in lower King Williams Glen. Visible from woodland path above road. ---- This report...

Near 53.728855820603,-6.4167461628859

Slippery footpath surface due to build up of grit and sand 0

21:10 Mar 22, 2018

The footpath along the bridge over the Nanny in the village centre requires cleaning to remove several layers of grit and sand which makes the surface...

Near 53.670442462193,-6.2834337876733

Pothole & Wearing 0

21:00 Mar 22, 2018

Pothole on Ballygarth Road on westbound lane towards R132 junction just beside woods. Adjoining road surface also wearing. Sub base of pothole exposed....

Near 53.6676300453,-6.2770465178367

Street Lighting 1

20:34 Mar 22, 2018

The street light outside No 2 Stockton Court, Castleknock, D15 Y9VH has not been working for a few nights. Can you address this please -- posted via...

Near D15 Y9VH