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Ropewalk Place, D4. Reported from to 3

22:08 Jan 28, 2014

See photo. Burned out wheely bin. As with the other submissions, the resident makes the point that there's a serious litter & dumping problem on this...

Ropewalk Place2, D4.jpg

Street Lighting 1

22:03 Jan 28, 2014

Street lights 8 and 9 near the entrance to Blasket Square are currently not working. Please can you organise to repair. the lights are along the ring...



Potholes 2

22:02 Jan 28, 2014

Some very deep potholes along this route. The road is very narrow and in some spots there is no way to avoid the potholes since they go across the whole...

around the corner from the Moy Davitts playing field, in Foxford, Co. Mayo

Street Lighting 2

21:47 Jan 28, 2014

Please replace / repair 2 broken street lights on the old Navan Road. These street lights are very close to the gap in the bushes which acts as a pedestrian...

Navan Road, Dublin 7


Dangerous defect on cycling lane 1

21:46 Jan 28, 2014

My wife and I are keen cyclist.We regurlaly use the cycling lane from Clondalkin ,onto the Fonthill road heading towards Liffey Valley.On this road there...

Fonthill Rd Clondalkin

Potholes Turlough 2

21:44 Jan 28, 2014

3/4 large potholes on the old Turlough Road. located 100metres before the Junction onto the N5 after Horkans garden centre ( Ballyvary side). These potholes...

turlough castlebar co.mayo

Open Manholes 0

21:44 Jan 28, 2014

One Telecom access manhole cover, close to the corner with Greenview Court and its frame have been moved by grass cutting machinery, leaving a dangerous...


Footpath North of Drumlattery Lane 1

21:40 Jan 28, 2014

The footpath for 130 metres north of Drumlattery Lane is unkept forcing pedestrians on to the busy R128 ---- This report was originally submitted at...


Road Marking Problem 1

21:39 Jan 28, 2014

The yellow box (for no parking) in front of the gates of the Church of The Nativity of The BVM in Saggart, Co. Dublin, has worn away to barely visable....


illegal dumping/ littering 2

21:38 Jan 28, 2014

There is a mattress dumped on the green behind the bus stop at Coolmine Woods. There is litter at the wall behind the bus stop at Coolmine Green. The...


Dangerous tree/pole 2

21:29 Jan 28, 2014

A tree is resting on an electric pole on the side of the road. Looks very dangerous as very close to the road. It could fall anytime ---- This report...


Street Light 1

21:16 Jan 28, 2014

A Street light has not been working for a few weeks between no's 35 and 37 Carrickhill Drive,Portmarnock,Co.Dublin ---- This report was originally submitted...



Street Lighting not working again 1

21:06 Jan 28, 2014

Street Lighting from aldi to oak ridge out and not working along entire road again

Aylesbury and Oakridge Belmont Ferrybank


Flooding on road/ path at entrance to park 1

20:56 Jan 28, 2014

Road into St Catherines park is flooded on the kildare side just up from the water treatment plant.

st catherines leixlip kildare

Blocked Culvert 1

20:49 Jan 28, 2014

Culvert blocked under the road causing flooding on regular basis the water is coming up through the capping stones of the culvert and eroding the edge...


Loose Manhole Cover 1

20:32 Jan 28, 2014

A new pavement was put down outside 75 Hillcrest Walk and the Manhole cover is loose and rocking? ---- This report was originally submitted at


Dead Tree 2

20:27 Jan 28, 2014

Outside 94 Meadowview Grove a dead tree that was reported over two years has now fallen over.Why was it never replaced? ---- This report was originally...


Gap in Fence 2

20:20 Jan 28, 2014

The Fence between Hillcrest and the Paddocks was never completed and has created a Dangerous Dark walk through ---- This report was originally submitted...


Replacement of tree - 1

20:16 Jan 28, 2014

One of the trees in the middle (largest) cobble lock squares is dead for the past 2 years and needs to be replaced. Also, there is a lot of the concrete...

Bremore Castle Estate, Balbriggan

Streetlight 19 out 1

20:14 Jan 28, 2014

Streetlight 19 outside No 59 Gainsborough Park not lighting ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...