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Overflowing bin 1

13:40 Oct 02, 2015

Bin beside bus stop is overflowing. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Waste 2

12:41 Oct 02, 2015

Beside Scoil Santain and around the peremiter

Avonmore Road


11:37 Oct 02, 2015

Trolley and timber dumped on Kilcronan Green,timber stored beside pylons in Kilcronan View.


Racist Graffitti Allendale Grove 1

10:50 Oct 02, 2015

Racist Graffitti on the wall on the Green opposite Allendale Grove Could it please be removed

Allendale Grove


Overhanging Trees 1

10:30 Oct 02, 2015

There are a number of huge trees on our road. For the last number of months sap has been falling on our cars. At present the leaves are falling and our...


Drumnigh Road/Station Road Footpaths 4

10:06 Oct 02, 2015

Footpaths in the Drumnigh Road/Station Road need to be widened asap before someone is killed. Many pedestrians use these every day including kids on bicycles....

Junction of Drumnigh Road and Station Road

Dislodged clobble block 1

10:05 Oct 02, 2015

Happened last thursday week after the storm..storm damage or so it was opinion the problem is related to compacting work being done in an area...


Aylesbury field - fire debris and discarded trolley 2

10:04 Oct 02, 2015

At the GAA goal on the west end of Pineview Grove, there is a large metal shelf trolley and the remnants of a large fire.

Pineview Grove

Tires have been stashed 3

09:50 Oct 02, 2015

Hi, Kids have started stashing truck tires just inside the fence here on the path that leads behind the watersports centre. I assume this is for halloween.


Graffiti on Ongar link rd 1

09:09 Oct 02, 2015

Racist graffiti has appeared beside older vulgar graffiti on the Clonsilla Link Rd on the right hand side coming from Clonsilla towards the Ongar Distibutor...

Clonsilla Link Rd, fingal


Street Light Not Working 2

07:42 Oct 02, 2015

Street Light No.10 Is Not Working

Nutley Park


Public Lighting 2

07:38 Oct 02, 2015

Street Light Poles No.4 And No.5 Are Not Working

Brookvale Road


Street Light Not Working 2

07:34 Oct 02, 2015

Street Light No.24 Is Not Working

Stillorgan Road


Collapsing Brick Wall 1

07:24 Oct 02, 2015

Frontage red brick wall for the football field on Milltown road (Ashbourne) has been damaged by a vehicle impact. The wall has 6 foot high pillars spanned...

next to Archerstown Demesne Estate

Requesting Light Shielding (glare) 2

07:08 Oct 02, 2015

Requesting that 2 light glare shields be installed on street light poles #8 & #9. (White Ash Park, Ashbourne) Our house has two light poles on either...

White Ash Park, Ashbourne


Street light not working 1

23:40 Oct 01, 2015

castleGrange drive,clondalkin

castleGrange drive, clondalkin


Bus Bay and Parking spaces 1

23:20 Oct 01, 2015

I cannot understand why spaces have been removed from our ghost town. How can shoppers be encouraged. The bus bay is NO bigger! What are KCC trying to...


Loose chippings along the roadside and entrance outside the Carraig Downs estate, Dualla Road, Cashel, Co. Tipperary 3

23:13 Oct 01, 2015

Loose chippings along the roadside outside the Carraig Downs estate, Dualla Road, Cashel, Co. Tipperary needs to be swept and also at the estate entrance.

Carraig Downs, Dualla Road, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Kerbing missing & Dualla Road, Cashel to be resurfaced 3

23:09 Oct 01, 2015

There is a piece of kerbing which was never replaced by the Council beside the speed limit signs alongside the footpath outside the Carraig Downs estate...

Carraig Downs, Dualla Road, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Street light not working 1

21:15 Oct 01, 2015

Street light not working.

castleGrange drive


Street light not working 1

21:03 Oct 01, 2015

To whom it may concern, A street light at castleGrange drive is not working. If you could arrange it to be fixed that would be great Thank you

castleGrange drive, clondalkin


dangerous bumpy road 1

20:35 Oct 01, 2015

The Toonlane/knockanure road in Ballymakeera is in a very bad condition in parts. The potholes were filled a few months ago but the worst section of the...

Toonlane, Ballymakeera, co Cork

Large Buildup of Debris 1

20:35 Oct 01, 2015

At the junction of Nutgrove way and Nutgrove Avenue, as you approach from the East, there is a large buildup of gravel and stones on the outside of the...


Cable Ties -Need removal 1

20:35 Oct 01, 2015

At the junction of Nutgrove Way and Avenue, on the various traffic islands and railings, there is at least 20 cable ties still attached to the railing...


Street light not working 2

20:25 Oct 01, 2015

Lamppost number 18 is not working. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Grangebrook Grass cutting before Cleanup Day 3

20:24 Oct 01, 2015

Grangebrook Residents are having our bi-annual cleanup day on Saturday 10th October. Can we request an estate grass-cut and roadsweep during the week...


road traffic sign covered in graffiti 1

19:30 Oct 01, 2015

At the junction of murrough road and brackenstown the traffic sign /traffic barrier is covered in graffiti and has been for months. I would appreciate...

junction of murrough road and brackenstown road


Anti social behaviour, Bushes over grown & Littering 4

18:24 Oct 01, 2015

The bushes in the centre of the cul de sac at Castleview place are very overgrown and are being regularly used for drinking and other anti social behaviour....

Bushes in centre of Cul de Sac.

Manhole Covers 8

17:50 Oct 01, 2015

Dear Sir, I reported loose manhole covers on the street outside Moy Glas View, Lucan, Co Dublin back in August and although they were replaced within...

Moy Glas View

X2 black bags of rubbish dumped here 1

16:25 Oct 01, 2015

Please when passing could council remove please. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Potholes back at charles fort and a trip hazard to tourists disembarking from busses! 1

16:20 Oct 01, 2015

Please repair potholes at charles fort please. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Litter and illegal dumping. 2

15:42 Oct 01, 2015

To whom it concerns. We have a beautiful playing field in the Hillcrest estate in Lucan, Co. Dublin. Sadly it is becoming a dump. Recently I'm told...

Hillcrest Football pitch lucan, co dublin

Footpath needs clearing 1

15:15 Oct 01, 2015

The footpath from the bottom of Tinker's Hill to Lucan Industrial Estate needs to be cleared of debris and bushes need to cut back. ---- This report...


Raised footpath on Woodford Drive 1

14:52 Oct 01, 2015

Footpath raised at D22 NT99 - trip hazard

clondalkin, Dublin 22

Tree roots lifting footpath causing trip hazard 1

14:48 Oct 01, 2015

At D22 NT99 tree roots lifting footpath causing trip hazard and possible electrical hazard


Unsafe pathway. 2

14:47 Oct 01, 2015

Damaged pathway outside unit 93 in Baldoyle Industrial Estate.Cracked and uneven surface for pedestrians and vehicles entering the area which has a number...

Corner of Grange way,Baldoyle Industrial estate,Dublin 13.

Graffiti on Business premises 2

14:15 Oct 01, 2015

Graffiti tags sprayed on the shutters of local chemist and c&t supermarket. This occurred approximately 1 year ago and was cleaned up but it has occurred...



87 Amiens St again 2

14:03 Oct 01, 2015

Three bags and other assorted litter at 87 Amiens St. only days after their last taxpayer-funded pickup.

87 Amiens St. Dublin 1

Racist Graffiti on walls along Clonsilla Link Road 1

12:39 Oct 01, 2015

Please remove racist graffiti on walls along Clonsilla Link Road. This road is frequently used by young children walking to national school. Perhaps mature...

Clonsilla Link Road


uneven flags on path surface 3

12:35 Oct 01, 2015

Meter-long concrete guttering plus adjacent small redbricks, dividing the road from the footpath on Main Street, Clondalkin, outside Cobys Jewellers,...

Main Street,, Clondalkin

Tree on Orchard Court 1

11:53 Oct 01, 2015

To Whom It May Concern We reported a tree outside 6 Orchard Court, Coolmine, Dublin 15 last year. The tree is very overgrown, it is blocking any light...


Overgrowth 1

11:23 Oct 01, 2015

Eircom contacted Daletree Residents Association recently as there is ivy overgrowth from a Residents rear garden in Rathlyon and the ivy will shortly...

Daletree Drive and Rathlyon back walls

Tree stump Removal needed 1

11:16 Oct 01, 2015

Tree Stump removal needed on junction of Daletree Avenue turning into Daletree View on corner near address signage. ?Clean Up day on 10 Oct byt Daletree...


Graffiti on green council boxes 2

11:14 Oct 01, 2015

Graffiti on the back of green council boxes on Oakdale Park needs to be repainted.

Oakdale Park Ballycullen


Overgrowth at Killininy Rd junction 2

11:12 Oct 01, 2015

Considerable overgrownth of weeds on the junction of Ballycullen Road and Killinney Road across the road form the Woodstown Shopping Centre and just...

Ballycullen Ave and Killinney Rd junction

Overgrowth of grass and weeds 2

11:08 Oct 01, 2015

There is a narrow strip of overgrown grass and weeds adjacent to LIDL and between Daletree Court and Beechdale which needs attention. There is wire around...

Daletree Court Beechdale junction Ballycullen

Cycle track and pathway full of debris 1

11:05 Oct 01, 2015

The outward bound cycle track and pathway from the blue bridge to newlands cross is a mine field of debris, Could a road sweeper be sent down this on...


Street Lamp not working 1

11:00 Oct 01, 2015

Street Lamp outside 71 st johns crescent not working ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...



Vandalism/ tree destruction 1

10:47 Oct 01, 2015

There is ongoing vandalism/destruction of trees in the wooded area adjacent to Lambay View/Skerries Road. Youths are destroying ancient yew trees and...

lambay view-skerries road woods

L7954 2

10:45 Oct 01, 2015

Road Causing excessive and dangerous damage to vehicles. Road conditions seriously hinder braking and vehicle control outside dwellings with children...

All of the L 7954 from windy gap to crossroads