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Election Poster - Navan Retail Park. 2

12:15 Jun 09, 2014

Can I enquire if the extremely large election advertisement should be removed at this stage? It is located at the entrance to Navan Retail Park just...

The entrance to Navan Retail Park just off the roundabout - see map.

Tree damaging wall. 1

12:13 Jun 09, 2014

A tree on the street has overgrown. It is beside my backwall and its causing a crack in the wall. The crack has gotten bigger and wider. This is very...

Tara hill. Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Election Poster. 2

12:09 Jun 09, 2014

An election poster is still errected on the roundabout at the Belgard Road where it meets the new entrance to the ITT. Can this be removed please?

On the roundabout at the Belgard Road where it meets the new entrance to the ITT

Election posters - Brid Smith 3

12:01 Jun 09, 2014

Election posters still up on the Grange Castle Road at the roundabout at Adamstown Ave and Thomas Omer Way. Please ensure that they are removed and also...

Grange Castle Road at the roundabout at Adamstown Ave and Thomas Omer Way

Grass cutting not complete. 2

11:42 Jun 09, 2014

The grass green in Cedar Lawn, Ridgewood, has not been cut properly for a month now. The small ride on mower is no longer being used, and the large tractor...


Replacement of dead trees 1

11:34 Jun 09, 2014

Hi, Recently two dead trees in Hillbrook Woods were removed but were not replaced. The trees were located on the grass verge in front of approx. house...

Hillbrook Woods

Graffiti - On Walls in Hillbrook Woods 1

11:31 Jun 09, 2014

Hi, There is graffiti on the wall by the access point between Hillbrook Woods and Sheepmoor that I would be grateful if it could be removed please....

hillbrook woods


Fix the footpath 0

11:10 Jun 09, 2014

The footpath outside my house and also my neighbours is damaged cause my children to fall constantly. I would appreciate it if you could arrange to have...

seabury downs, malahide

General 2

11:10 Jun 09, 2014

Illegal cash for car sign ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Graffiti, Naas 2

11:08 Jun 09, 2014

I wish to report a serious bout of graffiti in my locality. It is in Naas County Kildare. When you turn in to monread heights form the salins road it...

Monread, Naas


Pothole/trench 1

11:00 Jun 09, 2014

As your coming of the roundabout heading for the city centre, there is a pothole, more like a trench, has been a problem for year, gets patched up every...


Pothole 0

11:00 Jun 09, 2014

Deep pothole in between the lights on the far left lane (turn towards tesco) ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...


Massive potholes just before the lights for the tesco entrance 1

11:00 Jun 09, 2014

Massive potholes just before the lights for the tesco entrance, apparently previously fixed but are still there and very dangerous ---- This report was...


Traffic Signs 1

10:52 Jun 09, 2014

FYI one of the speed limit signs on the Moyglare Road (near entrance to Moyglare Hall estate) has been turned such that it now shows 80km rather than...

Moyglare Road, Maynooth

Grass needs cutting 0

09:59 Jun 09, 2014

I live in the Links in Donabate and the grass on the entrance is a total disgrace. Every other estate has had there grass cut excepted the Links. Can...


Dumped Windows 2

09:00 Jun 09, 2014

Several window panes dumped at allotments. Glass already strewn around the area. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...


Paving stone 2

08:55 Jun 09, 2014

There pretty a particularly loose paving stone at the very end of the wall around Trinity (almost at Lincoln Place) which seems to be a trip hazard....


Pedestrian lights 3

08:50 Jun 09, 2014

Lights seem to be changing automatically without button being pressed. Causing tailbacks which impacts on traffic coming from the Sundrive Road junction....


Grass needs cutting for months ! 1

23:43 Jun 08, 2014

Its typical you pay your house hold charge then your property tax and the council overlooks cutting the grass....more cutbacks !


Break up of Footpath 1

23:10 Jun 08, 2014

Outside 20/22 Rushbrook View dipped footpath been breaking up over number of years. Now spots wit risk of fall and serious leg injury particularly for...