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ramp badly damaged 2

16:40 Mar 28, 2017

Surface of traffic calming ramp badly damaged, requires replacing/repair.


deeply sunkin shore cover (pothole) 3

16:31 Mar 28, 2017

This has caught me out a couple of times as it is almost obscured from view as your coming around the bend towards the toll bridge. The recess has become...

on side of road going towards the toll bridge

Street light not working 1

16:25 Mar 28, 2017

Street light in lane off kennelsfort Rd. Rear House no 95.Light no 30B. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...



Blocked sewage drains 2

16:18 Mar 28, 2017

Palmers glade Palmerstown manor, this is 2nd call to be submitted, this is now becoming a public health hazard, the sewage drains are blocked on the street...

Palmers Glade Palmerstown manor Palmerstown Dublin 20

Tree obstructing access to driveway 1

16:16 Mar 28, 2017

A mature tree unlike any other on the street (we think its some sort of cherry blossom) is leaning over our driveway which is preventing vans from parking...

outside house located at D13 R3W9

Noisy manhole outside Smyths pub Donabate just over the railway bridge. 2

16:16 Mar 28, 2017

Manhole making a lot of noise with every vehicle driving over it keeping us awake at night. Need to hear it. Am surprised it has not been fixed by now....

Donabate Co Dublin

Potholes on Sorrento Close Dalkey 1

16:00 Mar 28, 2017

The link road/railway bridge between Sorrento Road and Ardeevin Road has 8 to 10 potholes .

sorrento close, dalkey

Public street light not working 1

15:55 Mar 28, 2017

Street light opposite no.4 stoney lane is not working. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...



Kenilworth Park - Road Damage 2

15:24 Mar 28, 2017

Kenilworth Park road damage on Kenilworth Park before the junction of Harold's Cross Road. Series of long defects in the road, causing car damage.

Kenilworth Park, Harolds Cross

Pothole repair required 1

15:17 Mar 28, 2017

Series of potholes on the junction of Kilrock Road and Nashville Road.

Kilrock road

Broken Street Light 1

15:15 Mar 28, 2017

In Oakmount Estate, Tower pubic street light #19 has been broekn for the last few weeks ---- This report was originally submitted at



Abandoned VW Polo 2

14:58 Mar 28, 2017

This car has been abandoned for more than a year. It's tires are flat, and there is much dirt gathering around it when it rains and when it's windy.


Damaged path on Alden Road, Bayside 1

14:56 Mar 28, 2017

Outside 1 Alden Road, Bayside,Sutton there is a large chunk of curb that has come away from the path... It's right beside a tree so I'm guessing that...


Liscluman Brickens Claremorris 0

14:53 Mar 28, 2017

The lane to our property's is in a desperate state, with massive potholes & hedging that is damaging cars. There has been 2 occupied properties here for...

Brickens Claremorris

Erosion of road into river 2

14:47 Mar 28, 2017

erosion of road into river which services a large volume of traffic

Kilcock Newtownmoyaghy River road

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

14:20 Mar 28, 2017

Continuing dumping in Campbell's Lane D2. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Campbell's Lane, North Georgian Core, Dublin, Ireland

Road needs to be fix 1

14:10 Mar 28, 2017

Outside the premises the driveway in their is a dip on both entrances Street light is on constantly all day and night.

Oranhill, Orsmond clinics directly across from Lidl in Oranmore

trip hazard on pavement outside house number 29 Seatown Villas 2

14:07 Mar 28, 2017

as per above due to roots of tree growing under pathway

outside 29 Seatown? Villas

road surface sinking where wheelchair parking is marked 2

14:04 Mar 28, 2017

road surface has become uneven making it difficult for wheel chair bus to park

outside house numbers 35 and 36 Seatown Villas