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Bins 2

12:05 Jul 17, 2014

The bins were not collected 46-49 Arnott street this week ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


footpaths 4

11:59 Jul 17, 2014

Am in the unfortunate position of being in a wheelchair, I live on Wheatfield Road, Portmarnock. The footpath and wheelchair ramps are in an awful state...


Weeds along Kerbing around trees 1

11:57 Jul 17, 2014

Lot of weeds between roads and kerbing need strimming and dug up in and around Balrothery Village, pedestrian crossing and also approach and entrance...


Litter, Ballina 2

11:37 Jul 17, 2014

There are a load of plastic bags left on the foot path at the Teeling Street entrance to the D-Mek Centre.

Ballina, Co. Mayo

litter sutton 0

11:27 Jul 17, 2014

Hi There is a huge pile of used condoms dumped in Sutton Park on the Green just over the low wall. This is a very busy green space for young children....

Sutton, Co Dublin

Blocked drains 2

11:22 Jul 17, 2014

To whom it may concern, I am reporting a smell of sewage in front of No 13 and NO 15 Battery Heights. The smell is offensive and the heat is making...


street light , howth 1

11:13 Jul 17, 2014

The street light outside number 17 Crosstrees, Main Street, Howth is not working. Can you please arrange repair as soon as possible? Thanks,

Main Street, Howth, Co Dublin


Side of 40 Cypress Grove Road 2

10:51 Jul 17, 2014

The area to the side of hse 40 Cypress Grove Road is very badly overgrown and i would be concerned about the possibility of mice / rats etc congregating...

Templeogue Wood

Illegal 'cash for cars' signage 1

10:30 Jul 17, 2014

Illegal 'cash for cars' signage ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Unkept Grass 2

09:44 Jul 17, 2014

The grass in the area opposite the Horse Project/Stables is very overgrown and unkempt. Its a public space and should be maintained. The paved area...

opposite the Horse Project/Stables, Fettercairn, Tallaght

Black Sacks dumped 2

09:40 Jul 17, 2014

There are a number of black sacks of rubbish dumped in the middle of the green area at Kilmartin Crescent which need to be collected and disposed of....

Green area, Kilmartin Crescent, Tallaght

Rubbish at bus stop needs cleaning 2

09:38 Jul 17, 2014

There is a significant amount of rubbish at the bus stop at the Spa Hotel, Lucan. The area needs a good litter picking.

bus stop at the Spa Hotel Lucan

Wood discarded 2

09:36 Jul 17, 2014

A board has been discarded at the junction of Katherine Tynan and Cheeverstown Road. Its on the pedestrian island just at the traffic lights. Its been...

junction of Katherine Tynan and Cheeverstown Road,fettercairn, tallaght

Temp Traffic Sign in Center Grass Verge on M4 Motorway 1

09:33 Jul 17, 2014

There is a temp traffic sign (orange sign showing what I think is a lane restriction) standing against the center hedging/barrier on the M4 motorway....

A little over 2kms before M4 Exit 5 Eastbound - Map is approx.

Nicolas street south 1

01:40 Jul 17, 2014

Road badly damaged and surface broken. Water pooling on road during wet weather ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...


Stop sign facing wrong way and dangerous manhole 1

21:32 Jul 16, 2014

The stop sign at the junction of Killininny Court and Ballycullen Avenue (adjacent to car wash premises) is facing the wrong way, presumably having been...

Killininny Court

Tree at entrance to Beverton Meadow 1

21:14 Jul 16, 2014

Tree at entrance to Beverton meadows, Donabtae, Co Dublin. 50 yards in on the left hand side needs 50% pruning. its over grown, blocking light and a...

Beverton meadows ireland

Grass Verge - Large Depressions 1

21:12 Jul 16, 2014

The Grass Verge in this location (Mount Anville Road to Goatstown Cross Junction) has been in a terrible state for sometime now. It has been reported...

Mount Anville Road to Goatstown Cross Junction

Overhanging Hedges - Blocking Footpath 1

21:09 Jul 16, 2014

There are overhanging hedges (from a private residence) that are completely blocking the footpath.

Taney Lodge - Taney Road

Graffiti 5

20:47 Jul 16, 2014

Large graffiti at the top of green hills road at junction with Tallaght village,hope this can be cleared.

Talkaght village/green hills rd.