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Street Lighting Issue 1

12:17 Jun 18, 2015

We have a street light not working on Belgree Court, Tyrrelstown, Dublin 15 - sticker on the pole says "4". It is located just next to number Belgree...



Removal of runners from power lines 2

12:10 Jun 18, 2015

Hi, Can you please remove a pair of runners from the power lines at the entrance to Elmdale, its as you come to the Bungalow, on the grass patch were...



Road defects - 1

11:54 Jun 18, 2015

I wish to report a drainage metal cover that has gone into the drain and there is a dangerous hole on the road as a result, where very young children...

whitechurch heights

illegal singage 2

11:46 Jun 18, 2015

On 11th this Month (June) a report was confirmed by your Litter Warden re a advertising sign which was and still is on the grass verge at the entrance...

Grass verge entrance to Ardeevin house estate

Illegal Parking in Clearway 1

11:15 Jun 18, 2015

There is regular illegal parking in this clearway (southbound side of Clanbrassil Street) during hours of operation, particularly during evening rush...


Illegal Parking in Clearway/Cycle Lane 2

11:10 Jun 18, 2015

There is regular parking in this clearway (Southbound side of Phibsborough Road, after Doyle's Corner) during hours of operation, particularly during...


Damaged tree between road and pedestrian walk 1

10:43 Jun 18, 2015

106 Woodlawn Park Grove, Firhouse, Dublin 24 Hello, we recently awoke to a small tree being split almost in two where we park at home. Unfortunately,...

106 Woodlawn Park Grove Firhouse

Fosterbrook, Potholes 1

10:29 Jun 18, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, We wish to report the existence of 4 potholes in our estate. They are predominately in front of houses 29/30 as you enter Fosterbrook....


Overhanging Trees on cycle path in Conyingham road 2

10:25 Jun 18, 2015

Can you remove the overhanging trees on the cycle path near islandbridge and conyingham road. There is also glass and potholes on this path. Thanks...


Dumping On baskin lane 1

09:56 Jun 18, 2015

Bottles, cans and take out food dumped in ditch.


dog fouling 2

09:53 Jun 18, 2015

On a daily basis the same 3 to 4 individuals with their dogs are walking the footpath past our estate. They allow their dogs use the footpath and road...

Fields court,kilmacrenan

Bad Pothole on Lucan bypass 1

09:45 Jun 18, 2015

There is a bad pothole on the left lane of the Lucan bypass just before the slip road to Lucan village (City Centre bound) ---- This report was originally...


Illegal dumping at Marlfield Kiltipper road entrance again 2

09:34 Jun 18, 2015

More rubbish illigaly dumped by the residents of Marlfield on Kiltipper road.if not removed they will continue to add to this causing obstruction of the...

Fly tipping 2

08:15 Jun 18, 2015

Large amount of loose rubbish dumped directly on the street. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...


Potholes on Killeen Road, Ballyfermot 1

23:30 Jun 17, 2015

A number of bad potholes on Killeen road, just passed the railway bridge to the entrance of Parkwest

Killeen Road, Ballyfermot

ballyfermot 2

23:13 Jun 17, 2015

Flower planters al over ballyfermot road r all dyin cos der not getting watered


Broken Street Light 2

23:04 Jun 17, 2015

Pole No.11 Isn't Lighting Up After Dark Could You Please Log This For Repair

Northern Cross Route Extension


Over growth 2

22:55 Jun 17, 2015

The grass on the verge at the top of road l7216 is so overgrown that you are pulling out on to the main road from menlough to galway blind you cannot...


Street Lights Not Working 2

22:51 Jun 17, 2015

Lamp Posts No.14 And No.15 Are Not Working

Guild Street


Street light faulty 1

22:50 Jun 17, 2015

The cover is open and the lamp is hanging out on Street light number 44 at the corner of Riverwood Vale ---- This report was originally submitted...



Pothole in road at junction where pedestrians cross 1

21:48 Jun 17, 2015

Where pedestrians cross, there is a pothole in the road surface

Corner of Killester avenue and middle third.

Overgrowth 1

21:15 Jun 17, 2015

The green area that goes up the footpath leading to the traffic lights is overgrown. It is over 2 foot high and it is growing onto the path making it...


Illegal signage 0

19:40 Jun 17, 2015

Illegal advert for Gaeltacht school at roadside ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Illegal signage 1

19:35 Jun 17, 2015

Illegal commercial advert on railings at traffic island ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Illegal signage 1

19:35 Jun 17, 2015

Illegal commercial advert attached to apartment railings ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Bollard gone - trip hazard remaining 2

19:35 Jun 17, 2015

Metal bollard has gone - lip of bollard remains as a trip hazard ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...


ballyfermot road 1

19:08 Jun 17, 2015

Litter everywhere. .especially where the shops are


Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

18:20 Jun 17, 2015

household rubbish dumped on roadside.

9 Dunedin TerraceDublinIreland

crow st hole 1

17:46 Jun 17, 2015

cobble stone missing in crow st

crow st / dame st

Damaged Sign 2

17:20 Jun 17, 2015

The place name sign which says Shanowen Drive has been damaged and needs replacing. How could we get a fancier one made from something like sand stone?...



Kerb stones 3

17:20 Jun 17, 2015

Kerb stones made from red brick around raised beds on Shanowen Drive have been broken due to old age and have become trip hazard and also are a danger...


Noise 1

16:45 Jun 17, 2015

Hi, a crow banger has been put in use in this area and the noise is deafening. It starts very early morning and continues up to 8:00 at night. The banger...


Grass needing urgent attention cyclists beware 1

16:08 Jun 17, 2015

The grass verge on the estuary road at the junction of Gartan is at a dangerous level, i have reported this to fingal 3 times already and nothing done,...

estuary road swords

Broken fences 1

15:30 Jun 17, 2015

Please can you fix the broken fences between cherryfield and Ravenswood. There are many cars using it as a short cut in the field going from clonsilla...


Damage to Tyrrelstown trees 1

14:22 Jun 17, 2015

Damage to two trees when putting in a crossing.


Ramps needed outside green isle court, clondalkin dublin 22 1

14:07 Jun 17, 2015

To whom it may concern, There has been a number of issues along this stretch of road (St John's Drive) in particular around the entrance of the green...

St John's Drive. The location for the ramps should be outside the green isle hotel and green isle court apartments which is across the road

Tree Pruning 1

13:49 Jun 17, 2015

Dear Sirs, I have been in contact by phone on a number of occasions late last year and early this year regarding tree pruning. There are 3 very large...

Kingswood heights

Excessive delay on pedestrian lights 2

12:30 Jun 17, 2015

The delay between pressing the button and the lights changing at the pedestrian crossing on Stocking Lane, near Prospect Manor, is excessive. Whether...



Dangerous Road Gulley and pot holes in cycle lane at Yellow House Rathfarnham 1

12:20 Jun 17, 2015

On Wilbrook Road at the junction with Rathfarnham Road outside the Yellow House the cycle lane is in very poor repair. The rest of Wilbrook Road is marked...


Noise 1

12:10 Jun 17, 2015

hello, there is an automatic crow gun in field behind the old Raffertys sawmills in Mylerstown (think the sawmills is now a mechanic or car breaker)....

Mullacash MiddleCo. KildareIreland

rats 1

11:37 Jun 17, 2015

There is a big problem with rats in the bramble field area of clonee Dublin 15. I live at bramble field drive.

bramblefield clonee dublin 15

Maintenance of Roundabout 2

11:35 Jun 17, 2015

Willington roundabout badly needs to be weeded and maintained. It looks lovely when done but is very overgrown at the moment and is becoming an eyesore....


Alcohol Bottles Dumped 2

11:26 Jun 17, 2015

There are a number of alcohol bottles dumped at the back of seated areas on the Old Blessington Road (Opposite one of the the entrances to the Square)....

Old Blessington Road - locations along that road up as far as the traffic lights/junction with Belgard Square East, Tallaght

Rat on green area 1

11:06 Jun 17, 2015

Yesterday I saw a rat on the green area opposite my home. It ran into the hedges in the centre of the green.

Riverwood Grove, Dublin 15

Rubbish Dumped 1

10:55 Jun 17, 2015

Hi, There are sealed bags in plastic container dumped on Hudson Road, across from the entrance to Beaufort. I'm not sure what is in them (perhaps fish???)...



09:55 Jun 17, 2015

Drainage Grill is missing exposing pedestrians, motorists and cyclists to risk of serious injury ---- This report was originally submitted at


Public Lighting 3

09:54 Jun 17, 2015

The street light on Fernhill Park, Dublin 12 is not lighting.

Fernhill Park, Templeogue


Noise 1

09:40 Jun 17, 2015

Test report - please ignore. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Noise

Belgard Square North, Leinster, Lucan, Ireland

M50 80 km speed entrance from N32 2

09:10 Jun 17, 2015

Hi The exit from the N32 brings cars onto the M50 directly into the "fast lane" with a speed limit of 80KM. Traffic on both lanes to the left of this...

dublin m50 enter from N32

Repair to public lighting column 1

09:07 Jun 17, 2015

The Public Light Pole No 37 on Bothar Katherine Tynan (near Belgard Road) has its maintenance panel (at ground level) loose. The top of the panel is...

Bothar Katherine Tynan (near Belgard Road)