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Dog Fouling 0

14:21 Jan 27, 2014

Hello - the amount of dog fouling along O'callaghan strand, Clancy strand and the 3 bridges has increased significantly in the past 3-4 months. Apart...


Grass reclaiming footpath 2

13:05 Jan 27, 2014

Oooops!! I had the indicator at the wrong place in the original posting. The footpath in Bancroft Park is being reclaimed by grass overspilling from...


Street light not working 2

13:00 Jan 27, 2014

As per FYS report 16801 (Dec. 31), pole no. 1 on Ballycullen Avenue is still not working (no. 2 was reported later and now fixed). As this is beside...

Firhouse - Ballycullen Avenue


Grass reclaiming footpath 2

12:58 Jan 27, 2014

The footpath in Bancroft Park is being reclaimed by grass overspilling from the playing and other grassed areas. A typical example is along the kerb of...


Litter in Bancroft Park - No. 111 2

12:33 Jan 27, 2014

There is debris in the Poddle River between Greenhills Road and the first stone bridge. This includes a large cable reel which is big enough to block...


Drain appears to be blocked. 2

12:27 Jan 27, 2014

I noticed as I drove to work this morning that a drain, located roughly at the location shown on map on the L6032, appears to be blocked with water spilling...

on the L6032 prior to the junction with the R120

R132 Swords Road at Omni Park surface 2

12:18 Jan 27, 2014

R132 Swords road outside the Omni Park shopping centre needs resurfacing. There is a gap here for a hundred metres or so between two sections that were...

Swords road, dublin

Street Light not working 1

12:15 Jan 27, 2014

Street Light Pole number 40 on the South Douglas Road facing Ashdale Park is not working.

Facing Ashdale Park on the South douglas Road cork


Open Manhole Cover 2

12:13 Jan 27, 2014

The manhole cover and cement securing the frame has been moved to one side exposing drain ,It is located on the opposite side of the road to number 2Ard...

Old Bawn, Tallaght

Bulb gone on St Peters crescent! walkinstown! 1

12:03 Jan 27, 2014

Bulb gone on St Peters crescent! walkinstown! Dublin 12. Pole No. 5

St Peters crescent, Walkinstown


Sewage blocked Ash Park Court, Lucan 2

12:03 Jan 27, 2014

Sewage drains blocked in Ash Park Court. Causing foul smells in homes, poor water supplies in toilets for flushing. Lots of young kids in the estate....

8 Ash Park Court, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Illegal dumping of shrubbery 0

12:00 Jan 27, 2014

Property maintenance company in charge of the front of the Clonuske estate in Balbriggan constantly dumping cut grass, cut tress, and shrubbery in the...

Clonuske, Balbriggan

Pot holed road 3

20:30 Jan 26, 2014

With the bad weather the road between the Nurney road (R415) and the old Nurney road at Maddenstown South has pot holes to the extent that it is now becoming...

Maddenstown South, Kildare

Lamp post outside no 9 Eden park 1

19:00 Jan 26, 2014

Lamp post out side no 9 Eden park. This is extremely dangerous especially in this high gale winds. The lamp post was shaking and will eventually fall...



Street Lighting 1

18:03 Jan 26, 2014

Street Lighting outside 39 Aranleigh Court, Rathfarnham is not working

39 Aranleigh Court, Rathfarnham Dublin 14


Blessington Basin Bike Station, D7. Reported from to 3

17:30 Jan 26, 2014

See photo. A variety of dumped loose waste. Stack of plates there in the foreground.

Blessington Basin Bike Station, D7.JPG