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Firhouse Village Park - damaged wall of railway sleepers 4

00:29 Jul 27, 2014

Would it be possible to do something with the wall of railway sleepers (remove?) in Firhouse Village Park, as they keep being set on fire and the adjacent...

Ballycullen Avenue/Killininny Court - Firhouse Village Park

Brambles dumped on footpath 3

00:15 Jul 27, 2014

Just behind the houses on Killakee Walk and adjacent to Firhouse Road (opposite the Victory Centre perimeter railings), there are cut brambles thoughtfully...

Firhouse Road - houses at Killakee Walk backing onto Firhouse Rd.

Pot Hole 1

19:50 Jul 26, 2014

There is a significant pothole at the junction of Newcastle Road and Distillery Road. Any vehicle leaving Distillery Road and turning left is forced to...


Road or pavement obstruction at Finglas Rd 2

18:47 Jul 26, 2014

Thorny branches overhanging wall foring pedestrians out into bike lane

Road or pavement obstruction at Finglas Rd

Litter problem on Raglan Road - Dublin 4 2

18:47 Jul 26, 2014

There is quite a lot of litter on Raglan road, both on the pavements and on the road. The litter includes papers, cans, plastic bags and also a lot of...

Raglan Road, Dublin, Ireland

Major Graffiti problem 2

18:46 Jul 26, 2014

The is a major incident of graffiti on the wall at the top of Raglan road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 (at the junction with Pembroke road). There are also...

Raglan Road, Dublin, Ireland


Dumped rubbish at Mary's Abbey 2

18:46 Jul 26, 2014

Dumped rubbish Untagged there is a utility bill amongst this rubbish with address of the possible offender

7 Mary's Abbey, Dublin, Ireland

Dumped rubbish at (null) 1

18:46 Jul 26, 2014

Dumped rubbish needs clearing an perhaps hosed camera installed or cctv signs erected to deter this behaviour from happening in future it's located in...

Dumped rubbish at (null)

Same bad filling as before 1

18:45 Jul 26, 2014

Previous report is here: Now the other side of the road is affected. The badly filled asphalt is slowly sinking, causing...


Broken Signage 1

17:25 Jul 26, 2014

There are numerous broken street signs on Cherrywood Crescent, particularly near Spar. The street sign for the crescent as you come into cherrywood has...


oldcastle playground 1

14:26 Jul 26, 2014

Oldcastle playground represents a danger to users with various items damaged by weather/vandalism. In some cases the damage was done in autumn 2013.


Signage obscurred by trees 2

14:11 Jul 26, 2014

The sign for Ballycullen Drive is obscurrde by trees overhanging from the house behind (junction of Firhouse Road and Ballycullen Drive), which also encroach...

Ballycullen Drive - junction with Firhouse Road

Street clean up 2

12:15 Jul 26, 2014

Hi we recently cleaned up our local area verge edging etc. But are still waiting for all rubbish etc to be collected. It is in the coloured bags SDCC...


Street lighting 1

11:21 Jul 26, 2014

There is a broken street light on Willows Drive , Hartstown. The no on the pole is 21

Willows Drive Hartstown


Burned wheelie bins 2

02:45 Jul 26, 2014

2 bins burned on the Green opposite deselby crescent.many thanks ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...


man hole 1

21:37 Jul 25, 2014

Teenagers opening the man hole and getting young children to climb down . They keep opening the man hole and walking away. On the green near the path...

clonee manorfields the view

Trucks parked illegally 0

21:07 Jul 25, 2014

Trucks and Buses owned by 'advance drive' are parked illegally, every day, along Seapoint promenade.

Seapoint promenade

Caravans parked illegally for weeks 0

21:06 Jul 25, 2014

Several caravans are parked illegally on Rockbarton Rd, outside leisureland.

Rockbarton Rd, outside leisureland


21:00 Jul 25, 2014


Alderwood Green, Tallaght