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14:07 Jan 24, 2014

Lights 3 and 4, just off shielmartin road in Sutton, near red rock cul de sac are out of order. Entire cul de sac in darkness

red rock cul de sac, off shielmartin road


fallen tree 1

14:01 Jan 24, 2014

please remove a dangerous tree from out side 19 seagrange rd baldoyle


street lighting 1

13:21 Jan 24, 2014

There is a light out of order on Alden Rd Bayside Dublin 13 the first light on the right side of the road when you come off the Kilbarrack rd Thanks,

Alden rd bayside


Grange Downs, Rathfarmham, Dublin 14 - Lights not working 1

13:09 Jan 24, 2014

Chairman of the residents association in Grange Downs, Rathfarmham Dublin 14 We have two light not working in are estate Would you be able to fix...

Grange Downs, Rathfarmham Dublin 14


Street Light Not Working 1

12:02 Jan 24, 2014

Street Light Not Working outside no's 5 and 7 Moy Glas Drive Lucan

moy glas drive lucan


street light not working 1

12:00 Jan 24, 2014

Street light number 33 is notworking. It is outside no.4 meadow road, riverview, waterford

riverview estate, waterford


path damaged by leak 0

12:00 Jan 24, 2014

the path outside my house is cracked and uneven and it was further damaged by a recent leak. I have a toddler and I'm worried about her tripping


Litter Grangebrook, Rathfarnham 2

23:56 Jan 23, 2014

Someone seems to have dumped a load of voucher litter in my estate, Grangebrook in Rathfarnham. It's mostly been cleared up by residents but we missed...

Grangebrook, Rathfarnham

Tree roots breaking footpath 3

23:44 Jan 23, 2014

There was a crew of workers in the area last week pruning trees and removing any that were over sized or dangerous, great to see this being done by the...

Outside No.3 Kilakee grove

illegal dumping 3

23:01 Jan 23, 2014

On the Old Belgard Road a black refuse bag has been dumped overnight (22/23 Jan) on the green in front of Belgard Heights near the Belgard Inn. Can this...

Belgard Road

road and footpath poorly reinstated after works 2

23:00 Jan 23, 2014

Footpath and road outside 23 St Declan's Rd., Marino was dug up in late 2013 and very sloppily tarred over.

Marino, Dublin


22:53 Jan 23, 2014

There are a few Christmas trees left on the green open space opposite Orwell Shopping Centre, Templeogue. Could these be removed as they could possibly...

Orwell, Templeogue

Dumping in lane at "the cowsheds" 2

22:42 Jan 23, 2014

Some builders rubbish has been left at the end if the lane outside 30 south terrace. See pictures.

Inchicore Terrace

Pot holes 2

22:33 Jan 23, 2014

At Kilahalla between Tourin and Camphire there is a section of road completely covered in potholes all the way across the road. Cars have to completely...


Lights on top of steps to side of Ringsend bridge not working 2

22:31 Jan 23, 2014

The lamp posts at the top of the steps down to the Dodder at the bridge into Ringsend village haven't been working for a long time. Not sure if this can...

Bridge Street, Dublin, Ireland


Frequent buildup of litter etc at the Wicked (wicket) gate 2

22:09 Jan 23, 2014

Local residents try to keep the area clean but a nearby bus stop and the wind blows leaves in.

sarsfield road, Dublin

Domestic Rubbish Dumped 4

22:07 Jan 23, 2014

Sir/Madam There has been domestic rubbish dumped in shancastle estate location is on map. if you would clear it i would be great-full. Kind regards

shancastle close dublin 22

Dangerous section of road with three street lights out of order and dividing line almost worn away (L3004 I believe) 2

22:03 Jan 23, 2014

Good morning, I'm writing about a very dangerous stretch of road. The road in question is the road that runs up from Lucan village up towards Laraghcon....

laraghcon, lucan

Illegal Dumping 3

22:00 Jan 23, 2014

A bag of rubbish has been dumped on Castle Road in Lucan

Castle Road, Lucan

street lights not working 0

22:00 Jan 23, 2014

Two lights not working in woodavens estate light outside house number 73 and one Outside house number 79. Thank you.

woodavens clondalkin dublin 22