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pothole in roadway 1

20:56 Jul 15, 2014

pot hole in roadway opposite 31 st davids terrace, ist layer of tarmacadam been worn away, approx 1 ft x 15 inches in size. footpath where esb poles...

32 st davids terrace

Green area out of control 1

20:26 Jul 15, 2014

Hi, Is there any chance you could tackle the overgrowth in the green field sections in Duncarraig, Sutton.

Duncarraig, Sutton.

Eliptical training machine 1

18:51 Jul 15, 2014

The eliptical exercise machine in Hermitage Park in Lucan is broken. One of the legs has snapped away.

Hermitage Park, Lucan

Street light continuously on 1

17:01 Jul 15, 2014

Street light on Delaford Drive staying on continuously day and night.

Delaford Drive, dfublin


Foxborough residents association 2

16:58 Jul 15, 2014

Please note that the smaller green area in foxborough downes around the very back of this road has been omitted from the regular grass cutting schedule....

Foxborough downes, lucan

Holywell Dale 2

16:44 Jul 15, 2014

The main road sign of Holywell Dale in Holywell in Swords has been damaged for a number of months and needs repairing.

Holywell Dale swords


16:28 Jul 15, 2014

There is a branch of a tree outside 142/143/144 Biscayne Malahide and I think it is very dangerous. Can you please report it and maybe have it before...


Glass on Cycle Track 2

16:15 Jul 15, 2014

There is a large amount of glass on the cycle track, at various points, along the Firhouse Road (R114), heading in to the city centre, from the M50 flyover,...

Firhouse Road (R114)

Graffiti 1

16:02 Jul 15, 2014

Please note that there is graffiti along the walkway from the ennis road to Lansdowne gardens. thank you.

ennis road


A lot of Graffiti on wall 2

15:40 Jul 15, 2014

A large amount of graffiti has been written across the walls on stocking avenue/back of woodstown estate wall. This is the third time this has happened....



Street Light Out 2

15:30 Jul 15, 2014

Street light no. 22 on Knocklyon Avenue is not working.

Knocklyon Avenue (opposite pedestrian access to Knocklyon Green)


Briars need to be pruned- Donabate 1

15:11 Jul 15, 2014

I would be grateful if you could have the briars cut on Turvey Grove (the entrance to Turvey Estate i.e. on your right as you come into the estate). They...

Turvey Park,Donabate

Tree 2

14:00 Jul 15, 2014

Hi. I want to see about having the tree outside of my mothers house trimmed back. The branches are growing way to long, and a dipping down to the pavement....


Street Lighting 1

10:23 Jul 15, 2014

Street light not working in Rosebrook, Fr., Russell Rd., Limerick

Fr,. Russell Rd., Limerick


Grass Cutting 2

09:28 Jul 15, 2014

Again please can grass be cut surrounding Homeville Court at the end of Ballycullen Road. It has not been cut this summer and grass is over 5ft high....

ballycullen road

Street light not working 1

00:25 Jul 15, 2014

Street light not working on Monalea Grove ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Dumped Rubbish 2

23:55 Jul 14, 2014

Multiple rubbish bags repeatedly dumped at the Corner of Campbell's Row and Portland Street North. ---- This report was originally submitted at


Road Damage Rinn na Shinna, Castlebar 2

22:44 Jul 14, 2014

There is damage to the road surface in Rinn Na Shinna beside a manhole cover in the middle of the road outside 7 Rinn na Shinna

Rinn na Shinna Castlebar

Road marking required at dangerous junction 1

21:42 Jul 14, 2014

Republican cross junction on the carrignavar to bottlehill road needs lines drawn on the road, the yield sign is not sufficient as some people are driving...

republican cross, carrignavar