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Cleaning Required 1

13:06 Feb 11, 2015

The surface of the footbridge in Tallaght between Sean Walsh Park and the Square is filthy, as a result of recent gritting I believe. I cross each day...


Advertising for builder 0

11:45 Feb 11, 2015

This illegal sign was reported back in October and is till there, these signs are scattered all around Waterford, this particular one is in Farmleigh...


Illegal signs for eggs 0

11:45 Feb 11, 2015

Illegal sign advertising eggs for sale on the eastbound carriageway heading out the Outer Ring Road from the Tramore Road ---- This report was originally...


street lighting issue 2

11:41 Feb 11, 2015

street lighting issue CCC



Dumping 2

11:41 Feb 11, 2015

Illegal dumping in Clifford's lane swords

Clifford's lane Drynam swords

Green area in foxwood swords 1

11:40 Feb 11, 2015

Sign for no golfing has been removed. Hole in fence allowing access to lane way needs to be repaired

Foxwood swords

Pothole 2

11:40 Feb 11, 2015

Pothole in the road opposite the entrance to the Garda Rowing Club. A cyclist hitting it will more than likely come off their bike ---- This report was...


Old Spa Road Potholes 2

11:31 Feb 11, 2015

Could you please as a matter of great urgency repair PROPERLY the numerous potholes existing on this road. I don't know how many times these same potholes...

Old Spa Road, Clonmel, Co. Waterford

Potholes 1

11:09 Feb 11, 2015

As you take the first turn for Bracklyn off the N52 Mullingar to Delvin road, there are potholes either side of the road stretching from the junction...

mullingar to delvin

broken street light 1

10:40 Feb 11, 2015

Broken street light

Rosewood Grove Lucan


Footpath Ballyheigue village 1

09:48 Feb 11, 2015

The footpaths along both sides of Main St in Ballyheigue village are severely cracked, subsiding and uneven. They pose a serious public health risk....

Ballyheigue Village

Waste / Illegal Dumping 5

09:30 Feb 11, 2015

Shame this area has been litter free for some time then this!. #Waste/IllegalDumping

22–26 Woodview, Munster, Ireland

Litter problem 1

09:15 Feb 11, 2015

The llitter problem along Littlepace road from the shops up to bramblefield and the embankments has escalated to such an extent that it is one an eyesore...


Graffiti 2

09:07 Feb 11, 2015

there is graffiti at the entrance road to St johns wood clondalkin, on the left hand side wall.

entrance to st johns wood clondalkin


Path Defects 2

08:39 Feb 11, 2015

Hi, the paths on both sides of the road are broken in very many places, not just where the trees have up-rooted but outside the driveways of houses which...

alden road sutton

Driveway in need of repair 1

23:48 Feb 10, 2015

Hi, I live in 44 Limekiln Road with my husband and 1 year old son. The public land which is part of the driveway into our house is in desperate need of...

44 Limekiln Road


23:09 Feb 10, 2015

A lot of the street lights are not working.



Stret light out - Castleknock Laurels 1

21:19 Feb 10, 2015

Street light number 51 on Castleknock laurels is out.

Castleknock Laurels, Laurel Lodge, Dublin 15


Faulty street light #103 0

21:15 Feb 10, 2015

Faulty light for the past week. Please replace bulb. Pole on main road to left hand side of entrance to Kentfield estate. ---- This report was originally...



Tree maintenance 1

20:05 Feb 10, 2015

Overhanging tree, root- damaged footpath hazard,tree is a pigeon and starling roost, property below becoming covered in bird dirt. Tree is a 36 year old...

Tallaght Dublin

Blue Bridge at the Square 2

20:00 Feb 10, 2015

After the days of ice, the county council have put down grit. However, now the grit is causing a dirty and muddy-like condition. Multiple people cross...

Blue Bridge, Square Shopping Center, Tallaght

Potholes 1

19:55 Feb 10, 2015

Multiple potholes approaching and on the mini roundabout leading from Magazine Road to College Road as a result of misfeasance due to negligent repairs....


Collapsing road surface 1

19:55 Feb 10, 2015

Newly repaired road surface is collapsing around drains along College Road due to negligent workmanship, causing a road safety safety issue. ---- This...


Broken tree needs to be replaced 2

19:37 Feb 10, 2015

The tree planted outside 39 Westbourne Park was broken by vandals and removed. It was never replaced. Is it possible to get a new tree planted in it's...

39 Westbourne Park, clondalkin

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

19:30 Feb 10, 2015

Broken chair dumped on pavement in from of Irish cone and wafer.#Waste/IllegalDumping

Kilmainham, South-West Inner City, Dublin, Ireland

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

19:30 Feb 10, 2015

Unlabeled rubbish bags x3 outside number 176 opposite James's. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Saint James's Hospital, James, Dublin, Ireland

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

19:30 Feb 10, 2015

2 unlabeled rubbish bags beside phone box In front of number 178. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Saint James's Hospital, James, Dublin, Ireland

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

19:30 Feb 10, 2015

Unlabeled black bag in front of salon opposite James's. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Saint James's Hospital, James, Dublin, Ireland

Street light not working properly 1

18:51 Feb 10, 2015

Street light No.110 on Castleview Drive, Swords is not working properly

Castleview Drive, Swords


Potholes in footpath Dundalk 1

18:51 Feb 10, 2015

Potholes in footpath on Dublin Road south bound near convenience store and public house ,The Malt House.

Dublin Road Dundalk

Light broken 1

18:50 Feb 10, 2015

Street light broken at pole outside number 25 / 27 Willbrook Downs ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...



Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

18:20 Feb 10, 2015

Large pile of unlabeled rubbish at Bride close. #Waste/IllegalDumping

82 Bride Street, History Core, Dublin, Ireland

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

18:20 Feb 10, 2015

Pile of unlabeled rubbish on pavement. #Waste/IllegalDumping

82 Bride Street, History Core, Dublin, Ireland

3 street lights in Thornleigh Close not working 1

18:20 Feb 10, 2015

There are 3 street light in Thornleigh Close.Light posts number 30 and 31 and another one that has no number. There is a fourth street light , no number...



Street Light 2

17:38 Feb 10, 2015

Street light outside house no 20 and 21 not working for the last week.

Blackwater Abbey , Navan, Co. Meath


pothole 3

16:57 Feb 10, 2015

large pot hole in car park in castle street roscommon likely to cause serious leg injury s .


Path damaged by tree roots 1

16:55 Feb 10, 2015

Badly damaged path due to tree roots. Concrete has been 'shaved' already but is in a bad condition.

Path outside 9 St Sylvester Villas Malahide

Larrge Hump on road 2

16:35 Feb 10, 2015

A poor temporary repair some months ago is a large mound of tarmac which requires evasive manoeuvres and is very dangerous. Now surface is breaking up....


Graffiti 2

16:30 Feb 10, 2015

Graffiti in Pembroke Place ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Illegal parking 2

16:15 Feb 10, 2015

Car parked on footpath. No space to walk. Very dangerous for kids on their way to school ---- This report was originally submitted at


Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

16:10 Feb 10, 2015

Un labelled rubbish bag on pavement along Luas track. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Parkgate Street, Collins Barracks, Dublin, Ireland

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

16:00 Feb 10, 2015

More rubbish gathering on the beautiful Clogheenmcon Sanctuary Blarney road cork city .. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

New Mallow Road, Munster, Ireland

Pothole 1

15:25 Feb 10, 2015

Very large pothole in centre of road adjacent to previously patched up pothole. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...


Road Filled in Poorly 2

15:20 Feb 10, 2015

Hello. There was a burst water pipe on our road last month and when it was fixed they filled in the road terribly, leaving a pot hole and a small metal...


Football pitches 1

15:02 Feb 10, 2015

Football Pitches in Blanchardstown


No Street Lighting 1

14:56 Feb 10, 2015

Turn key area in cul de sac, with no lighting is attracting car parking late at night, for drinking / anti social behavior. They are also dumping fast...

Cul de sac at end of The Orchard, Oldtown, Co Dublin.

Light, Roscommon 1

14:14 Feb 10, 2015


Roscommon Town


Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

14:00 Feb 10, 2015

Rowlestown national school bottle bank more clothes bags dumped. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

Unknown address

Faded road markings on Church Road Swords 1

13:49 Feb 10, 2015

Hi- as part of the PTA at Old Borough National School we would like you to consider remarking the road markings here to show school crossing as they have...

swords church road

Dangerous road condition 1

12:34 Feb 10, 2015

The Coolballow road in in dangerous condition for cycling - extensive potholes/rough repairs on both sides of road. Coupled with speeding and regular...

Coolballow road, Wexford