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Fontenoy St, D7. Reported from to 1

12:01 May 15, 2013

See photo. Carpet in a bag, rejected by greyhound

Fontenoy St, D7.jpg

Bride st D2. Reported from to 1

11:58 May 15, 2013

See photo. burst bags & loose food & domestic waste strewn around

Bride st D2.jpg

New St Gardens, D8. Reported from to 1

11:53 May 15, 2013

See photo. Multiple piles of rubbish in this litte estate, all untagged, also litter everywhere


Dumping Household Waste 1

11:49 May 15, 2013

Dumping of household waste on the side of the street. Dumping also happens at the end of this street. ---- This report was originally submitted at


‘the issue of the need for safer pedestrian access close to St. Edmunds Estate 1

09:53 May 15, 2013

Presently there is a piece of footpath missing, when pedestrians approach the main N4 underpass at Fontill from the direction of St.Lomans road. It represents...


Timing of traffic lights too short in morning. 1

09:52 May 15, 2013

The timing of the traffic light sequence at the junction of Parson Street and Main Street is too short in the mornings for traffic coming from Parson...



Illegal Dumping 3

08:28 May 15, 2013

Numerous black bin bags and household goods dumped at the back of our house, in the lane way behind 74 Wheatfield Road, Palmerstown Dublin 20. This was...

Lane way behind 74 Wheatfield Rd, Palmerstown, D20

Damaged foothpath & kerbside 1

22:50 May 14, 2013

The roots from a 40yr old cherry blossom tree (planted by Dub Corp) have lifted up the footpath and kerbside very badly. It is extremely dangerous. It...


leaking stopcock 0

22:30 May 14, 2013

leaking stopcock opp 14 Roselawn Walk, Castleknock, Dublin15

dublin iiireland

Badly repaired grass verge 1

21:52 May 14, 2013

Grass verge was temporarily re-instated following burst main a number of years ago in front of no 55 Carrick Court, Portmarnock. The work was not completed....

Carrick Court, Portmarnock

Broken path 2

21:45 May 14, 2013

Broken path hazard in front of nos 55 and 56 Carrick court requires resurfacing.

Carrick Court, Portmarnock

Potholes/ruts 0

21:10 May 14, 2013

Potholes/ruts in road in direction of lucan ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Potholes/ruts 1

21:04 May 14, 2013

Pothole in the near roundabout to bridge...going up The old hill ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...


Potholes 0

21:04 May 14, 2013

Potholes at roundabout in village and speedramps in need of repair ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...