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Streetlights not working 1

20:15 Jan 15, 2019

The street light outside No 57 The Great Southern is not working. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at...

Near 53.184786473532,-6.8048317432934


Bin overflowing knocklyon park 0

19:58 Jan 15, 2019

Another rubbish bin is desperately needed outside knocklyon park. Regular requests to empty the existing bin are always answered however this is such...

Near Knocklyon park dublin 16

Broken light 0

19:50 Jan 15, 2019

The bulb has gone in the street light, the code on the post seems to be slightly rubbed off but from what I can see it's 1023, this light is at the top...

Near 53.899355640333,-6.8058979177826


Street lights faulty 1

19:45 Jan 15, 2019

2 street lights, opposite the entrance to St MaryÂ’s park on Captains Hill, Leixlip are not working creating a major safety hazard. The light numbers...

Near 53.367907539068,-6.4872453684828


Newtownparks Skerries 1

19:43 Jan 15, 2019

3 lights not working on Newtownparks (road ended 23 & 42) Dangerous for all users -- posted via

Near newtownparks skerries, both sides of road


Street lights not working 0

19:38 Jan 15, 2019

Street lights are not working outside no 32 Riverside Portarlington co Offaly -- posted via mobile web

Near 32 Riverside Portarlington Co Offaly


Street lights 1

19:29 Jan 15, 2019

Hi I would like to report street lights out in Ongar park Dublin 15 on stralem crescent around the green area 4 lights are out and the road areas are...

Near Stralem crescent Ongar park Dublin 15


abandoned car Fforster Lawn lucan Co Dublin 1

18:04 Jan 15, 2019

a car is abandoned on the path in Fforster lawn. It obstructs kids on scooters/bikes, pedestrians, buggies, wheel chair users etc. It forces people out...

Near fforster lawn lucan co dublin

Street light out 0

18:01 Jan 15, 2019

The street light outside my house is out for the last few days my address is 9 woodstown abbey , knocklyon, dublin 16 -- posted via

Near 9 woodstown abbey knocklyon


cat food trays littered on Fforster Grove 1

18:00 Jan 15, 2019

someone is leaving out numerous amounts of cat food trays under and beside a Parked car on Fforster Grove in Lucan. Mice have been seen eating the food....

Near fforster Grove lucan co dublin

Street light not working 0

17:45 Jan 15, 2019

Street light number 9 in clontygora court has not been working for about 3 weeks it is very dark in that area for the elderly residents and also cars...

Near 53.984954501268,-6.3835199429299


Pot Hole 1

17:40 Jan 15, 2019

Large pothole on corner of narrow road. Cars avoid the pot hole and encroach on the opposite side of the road. ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.480504430739,-6.2709625917647

Street lamp not working 0

17:40 Jan 15, 2019

This street lamp on NorthAbbey Street is not working, the whole area is in darkness from 5pm. ItÂ’s a back street, someone was mugged there last Friday,...

Near 51.901388529388,-8.4808438450614


Road flood 1

17:28 Jan 15, 2019

There is a hole outside, backing out from our driveway beside the grass verge that is filled with water that is not drained. It is like a big hole that...

Near 38 Brackenstown village

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

17:20 Jan 15, 2019

Untagged bags. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the public api

Near N/A

Street light broken 1

17:15 Jan 15, 2019

The bulb needs to be replaced on the street light on the pedestrian path (Adjacent to the Lis Na Dara Entrance) entering willow grove. The Number on pole...

Near 53.999144979727,-6.4225715766173


Light Out at No 55 0

16:35 Jan 15, 2019

The Street light Number 23, at 55 Rosebank is out. In Addition, the light is still missing on the new utility pole on the right hand side of the entrance...

Near 55.195045028536,-7.040320783631


Street Light not working 0

16:28 Jan 15, 2019

Street light number 22 between 155 & 156 is not working at Richmond Park Bray appreciate if this could be fixed as it is creating a darkness in that area....

Near Richmond Park Bray


Awaiting Litter bin replacement 2

16:25 Jan 15, 2019

The litter bin at the junction of Ballygall Road East and Ferndale Avenue was removed before Christmas due to damage. It has not been replaced and...

Near Corner of Ballygall Road East / Ferndale Avenue

Waste / Illegal Dumping 0

16:20 Jan 15, 2019

this hoarding has been on Dublin rd at entrance to Boyne valley hotel for 20 years. it's dilapidated and filthy. a dreadful eyesore on the main road in...

Near N/A